Putian and Baidu tearing force

Putian and Baidu tearing force, continued, and even intensified the trend. In April 4th, Putian Health Industry Association announced by all the participants, a secret ballot of all the members of the unit to form a resolution: at 0:00 on April 5, 2015 to suspend cooperation with the promotion of the Baidu in bidding. for the Department of Putian group attack, Baidu did not retreat, but a strong response: Baidu against false medical determined not to change, the high threshold, strict audit is Baidu promotion longterm mechanism, we not because of Baotuan resist and relax requirements, but will not cooperate with any substandard private hospital. Although subsequent to this matter, it also can make nothing of it, but to date of Putian and Baidu tear forced to battle, but there are three problems worthy of our consideration and discussion. See these problems, the future if revenue value and brand value, commercial value and social value, and even money and religious conflict, we should be how to choose. Why Putian to boycott the Baidu? for this problem, on the 4 day of the announcement, the Department of Putian did not give a clear statement, the only relevant sentence is: the new normal private medical industry into a more rational development, to marketing as the leading model has been unable to adapt to the current development of the industry. Putian is emphasized, the future to explore a standardized, transparent, the brand of the industry development of new roads, even to explore new road will not resist Baidu ah? Analysis of soil demon, behind this may be many reasons. first of all is the price. Network transmission Putian Department of the hospital in Baidu search promotion, each single clicks can reach 999 yuan. Want to say to each other between the malignant competition in Putian, continue to raise the cost of the search engine promotion, I believe. Because of a little understanding of the Department of Putian people know, selected hospitals, doctor, Department, advertising department of Putian is able to rise rapidly, four carriage with a force of 80% private hospitals quickly occupied the country. But to say that a click is higher to a thousand dollars or so, don’t believe the earth demon. simple count an account will be able to know, there is a Putian Department of hyperbole Bo sympathy in there. Although the transformation of search engine than brand advertising, advertising alliance is more effective, but the conversion rate is about 120. If according to the proportion of Hospital Department of Putian, to attract a new patients in hospital costs up to 20000 yuan. After the service marketing, medicine, instruments, fixed assets, taxes and other costs, the hospital at least to receive $forty thousand or fifty thousand from a patient’s body, in order to maintain high profits of private hospital. However, the average each patient will grab big tens of thousands of dollars, at present our country public revenue, is obviously not realistic. however, ten thousand steps back, even if a click on the cost of nearly a thousand dollars is true, also cannot have the abnormal results simply boils down to Baidu body, in the final analysis is still in Putian, in order to

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