Philippines government has been committed to promoting its economic and financial system reform

Philippines government has been committed to promoting its economic and financial system reform, to reduce government control, and promote the economic sectors of the economy, to create a good macro environment for its economic development. After many years of efforts, Philippines has been Mechanical Mod and RDA released from the telecommunications, shipping, oil, banking and insurance industry, and ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Asian countries have established a good economic and trade relations, the commercial liberalization, so that the competitiveness of foreign investment in Philippines has been significantly improved. To increase investment, attract more foreign investment into Philippines Hot E Cig kits to develop the industry, improve the competitiveness of
Philippines in the international market, the Philippines government to actively improve the E-CIGARETTE CHINA investment environment, to take a series of policies to encourage investment, such as the opening of foreign investment in the field, allowing foreign investors to have a 100% stake in export oriented enterprises IPP, etc The establishment and development of all kinds of economic zones, for domestic
and foreign investors to provide special preferential treatment, is one of the important and effective measures
to attract investment. Overview of br
the Philippine government early in the early 1970s began to set up economic zone to 1986 have built a four export processing zone. Since then, because of Disposable e cigarette the outbreak of the political and economic crisis, the development of the economic zone is at a standstill or even backward state. From 1986 to 1993, Philippines export processing zone EPZA under the jurisdiction of the Department of total investment in various economic area was only 12700000000 pesos; since the early 90’s, Philippines economic development zone is gradually restored to life, to the 1995 Philippines Economic Zone began to enter the stage of rapid development, in 1997 the Department of the Philippines Economic Zone PEZA under the jurisdiction of the year the total investment of economic area amounted to 159700000000 pesos; after 4 years of sustained and rapid development, from the beginning of 2001, due to political instability, social unrest, frequent kidnappings, mutiny for foreign investors in Philippines is daunting, a substantial decline in investment in Philippines, 2003 110 month PEZA under the jurisdiction of a total investment of all kinds of economic zone only 22300000000 pesos. The establishment and operation of the br Economic Zone to E-CIG CHINA increase the Philippines to attract foreign investment, increase the employment, expand exports and promote the development of the national economy plays an important role. Between 1995 and 2002, the PEZA has attracted a total of 806300000000 of all kinds of economic zones to attract investment, of which foreign investment accounted for 669230000000 of the total exports of $112733000000. 2002 PEZA total exports reached $22723000000, accounting for 65% of the total export volume in Philippines, the economic zone to achieve more than 82 people in employment. two type of Philippines Economic Zone Phividec