p Mobile Internet is called the second gold mine

p Mobile Internet is called the second gold mine, this argument shouting for years, but can in the mobile Internet to dig gold and silver are very few, travel can be called a successful model. In the mobile Internet business circles, has become a realization of how but still can not find a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the direction of the topic. Nuggets mobile Internet, not everyone has the opportunity, which is the mobile Internet industry is apt to describe. 2014, buy the boss called beauty group, the transformation of mobile Internet; art dragon and carry Cheng, as early as the last year has in the field of mobile Internet fight like Kilkenny cats; live off, from the housing and other vertical real estate po
Mens Dwight Howard Shoes Black Whitertal, accelerating in the layout of the mobile Internet. Even the life of the classified information in the field of 58 city, strategic 2014 is moved to mobile Internet, and with the mobile Internet to create a comprehensive
http://www.bestelec.com.cn/news/html/?7788.html service platform of life. br from the user’s point of view, buy has cooled, and car, hotel, rental and secondhand housing demand increasingly strong. Information exchange in the field of PC has been a bottleneck, the mobile Internet will undoubtedly become a new battlefield. End of the phone book the hotel of the user experience, is far better than the PC hotel reservation, which is many giants moved to mobile Internet seek new growth point of reason. from the surface, Ctrip and elong attention hotel reservation, anjuke and attention from the housing rental and secondhand housing, the vertical enterprise seems to be more competitive. From the perspective of the user experience, the 58 city said a onestop platform for life, more promising. Imagine, users find a hotel, need to open a APP; want to rent a car, but also to open a APP; need to buy a house, but also to open a APP Complicated degree, it can be imagined. obviously,

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