p listed nearly 8 years

p listed nearly 8 years, the market value of about $33 billion in Focus Media NASDAQ: catch in U.S. stocks opened before the announcement says, has received, including Chairman a href rel = Changjiang Delta spring used, jointly launched the privatization of the invitation of the board of directors, which plans to each stocks depositary receipt ADR cash payment of $27. p for solicitation of the privatization of public media, the market reaction the stock 13 opened rose 10%, rose to $25.8. However, the focus of the media to be private, even the two shareholders are expressed in advance do not know. The stock rose as previously burst, global privatization, Zhongpin food when the situation. Both are suspected of insider trading by SEC survey. A longterm observation of the U.S. stock market Smith a pseudonym said. On the other hand, the purchase price and no please the original small investors. Its offer is too low, not for the small and mediumsized shareholders to maximize the interests of the boar
Mens Nike Terra Sert White Creamd of directors and other violations of fiduciary obligations. In the United States, a requirement for anonymity of the points of the media, the media investors told reporters. at present, China and the United States and the two countries are working together to investigate the company’s lawyers, while collecting investors to initiate collective action. The lawsuit makes Focus Media private road steep variables.
http://lzys9.com/news/html/?367.html Followed, a huge amount of lawyers litigation costs will not only make the burden heavier, there may be a considerable obstacle to future privatization. real benefits from the privatization plan, perhaps not as many Chinese companies in general. 2006 years ago, Chinese companies even broke the head to go listed overseas. Then there is many overseas institutions to China in search of the potential of listed companies and do everything possible to pull them to the overseas market; exchange of large and small, law firms, investment banks in figuring out how the enterprises listed on the packaging, the trust problem now in almost shares of the company to privatization, these institutions found new business opportunities, to from the privatization process gained a lot of interest, that the Finance Department of Jinan University doctoral tutor Yang. stock transaction for privatization, we didn’t think about it.. In November 2011, Jiang also had position in response to muddy waters questioned on a conference call. p wound, focus media independent directors, Jingwei ventures managing partner a href rel = Zhang used had comforted Changjiang Delta spring, privatisation delisted in the future there will be more and more almost shares of the company, then choose domestic listed, which is the trend and is inevitable. less than a year, the board of directors, including the chairman of the united body launched on the

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