p in the past six months

p in the past six months, each want to enter the cloud computing market’s Internet giants in various cities from the shuttle, to the local government vigorously instill wisdom City, DT era, such as new concept, hope in the future of cloud computing market early involvement, piling on the card. When all the dust has settled after July, Huawei enterprise cloud, public cloud market truly usher in a formidable player. Huawei is a leading global provider of ICT solutions in the field of equipment, the opponent is Cisco, Ericsson, lucent. General impression, Huawei in the field of communication master core technology research and development of the company do not cloud computing justified and Huawei launched products and services, on behalf of the security and stability, which is a Chinese less some technical presentable company. HUAWEI officially released public cloud in July, mainly for business and government services, such as finance, urban, public services, science and Technology Park, HUAWEI also developed for different vertical industries corresponding products. HUAWEI’s investment in cloud computing is not what to say, R amp; D personnel over 10000, more than 3000 IT facility patents, the world’s 5 largest R amp; D center, self built three nodes covering the country’s 7 major regions, HUAWEI ent
Mens Nike Free 4.0 V3 Black Blue Whiteerprise cloud has become the first through the CSTAR cloud security authentication and cloud service providers through the national trusted cloud certification. HUAWEI enterprise cloud has a lot of different places, the first is a high degree of autonomy, independent research and development of the core link, not to engage in cottage products, HUAWEI cloud
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/discover-the-highest-level-of-comfort-with-nike-australia.html is currently the only one with a full set of independent intellectual property rights of cloud service providers. This is HUAWEI’s style, its mobile phone business is independent research and development of the chip, very much attention to the independent intellectual property rights. This feature, also makes HUAWEI’s enterprise cloud has a very strong competitiveness in terms of security, there are IT infrastructure cloud demand for government and enterprises, there will be a greater power to put their IT facilities on the HUAWEI cloud. HUAWEI enterprise cloud is mainly involved in the basic layer of IaaS cloud services, IaaS natural to the user a greater development authority, from the application to the data to the operating system by the user to manage. From the perspective of architecture, HUAWEI enterprise cloud can also be called open, while compatible with public and private cloud, users can freely switch between the two business deployment, will not allow users to appear in a dilemma. because of the past few years of market education, cloud based enterprise and government, cloud computing can save the cost of this is no doubt, concerns about the openness of public cloud and enterprise autonomy. Self built IT system of course is to spend a lot of money, as public cloud cost savings, but to make the enterprise IT facilities full cloud, there is a problem that the enterprise can not accept, especially the problem of autonomy, the price of going back is huge. HUAWEI enterprise cloud this open thinking, can make the enterprise in the cloud of the road to worry less, the pace is more

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