p in the number of operators of public communication group

p in the number of operators of public communication group, some people often bask in the flow of the main income recently due to the decline in traffic on the main single click on the unit price, many people complain, but from your Sun income process, I found a problem, why also 5W live powder, some flow major monthly income can only maintain 3000 to 4000, while others can stable or even higher in the 10000?, is well known, the source of traffic flow from the presentation of the article, so the higher the number of reading, the higher the income will be higher, a normal operation of the public number, UV is basically maintained between 15%20%, and reading the source is a friend of the big circle, is 2 times higher, that is to say, fans will share to friends circle of reading is to occupy the bulk of public reading. so the question is, how to make their own public number of total reading can be improved or in another point of view, 5W live powder account, how to keep the total daily reading about 15W, or even higher. personally feel that the choice of the special key, circulated degree is the forwarding number
Mens Hardaway III Shoes Black Red directly determines the total reading. first, be sure to clear their own fan groups, the number of the comedy is often not feasible to put politics, the same political number of chicken soup and the performance of the article is also very poor; second, must look at the data to speak, not personal feel good article fans must be like, this article can become the probability of the explosion is too small, to see the data speak,
http://www.zgzmc.com/news/html/?561879.html especially important. Do the public number, often you may have this look of doubt: this TM what the article, reading performance is so good, and I carefully edit the contents of the forwarding is so bad. to improve the number of articles to read more than the text, the following to you talk about how to use the watermelon public number assistant to find the explosive. To see a data, the text of the article is only 37.86 of the explosion index, and the number of other public number issued by the watermelon public number of other public figures issued by the index did not exceed 40, the number of reading on this public number is less than 3W. and below this article the explosive text index is 60.98 points, and in other same type of public number on the score also more than 60 points, it’s read more than 6W. and the real situation is that the two articles are pushed out by the same public number of different dates, the gap between them is 3 times faster, this data is also very obvious to the entire public number of reading is also very obvious, no brain selected articles with carefully selected articles in the total reading is also a basic factor in this multiple. This may be one of the reasons why many people don’t go to the traffic. therefore, for improving the flow of the main income, the following suggestions may be helpful to you: p 1, as much as possible the, turnip greens, Martini, micro channel to provide up to of is eight illustrations, graphics and more total reading more high, which is almost assured; 2, don’t choose your favorite,

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