p I want to write out this part of my not new experience

p I want to write out this part of my not new experience, way too is and past to a fault, and secondly, also ask everyone to know the real situation of the mystical profession. Because it was two years ago, a lot of things do not remember very clearly, as far as possible to write the details of it. Life give us a lot of road, maybe some people is blind go. Some people are induced, E-CIGARETTE CHINA some people is planned, but every road in the final decision or decide to go the, occupation without distinction, there is need to market, if such a society is a kind of morbid, then is society creates such a crowd, profit driven society, when you can do many others do not reluctant to do, even if you by hook or by crook, selfworth, but now you are they do not match, then the past is also important. each person in the face of money are confused, to say the most low, women
can do chicken man can do the duck blame the world has too many unfair
and people’s desire no matter how you choose, men who bear the responsibility please don’t forget because the woman for you to pay far beyond your imagination. duck, not a job that can say the mouth, nor is it a cause for pride,
most ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA people’s subjective consciousness or think we are cheap, that can be sold to the body of the money. p many of the ducks think is very simple, nothing more than with a prostitute, lying in bed although tall man thingy finished, I really can not eat a few pieces Mechanical Mod and RDA
of medicine or spray the medicine that the drug will settle. In fact, the duck is much more difficult than chicken. p Table visible appearance is such that I do not counter criticism they, at most, said the they don’t understand that duck culture is not surprising, because, including you and me, each and every one of us are hard to survive and
live, everybody does not have too many different, everyone has everyone pressures with the troubles, I can only say we belong to a group of Hot E Cig kits people Disposable e cigarette is helpless. hard, in order to survive, sometimes we have to abandon the dignity But not to betray body who is willing to have no alternative E-CIG CHINA against one’s will, easily? who are not eligible to look down upon because of life, and to make do duck the men and women, because only when you leave the home of the asylum, independent of the hardships of life, you will be deeply realized that they are not easy. p in the opinion of the landlord occupation without distinction, in this society, money is the uncle, how do you Gao Ren, you how look down on others, turned about, others see you? the landlord to see the PR, regardless of men and women, work is very hard, they do not steal money to earn money, there is demand to have the market, at least those who look down on this job is not eligible. It seems to me that the most difficult thing in the world is to give people pocket money into your pocket, of course, is not the buddha. my daily job is to accompany the woman.