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p [for the Congress of the United States bricks, Huawei has decided to give up before the hiding strategy, and the United States companies face competition] now, the U.S. House of representatives for HUAWEI and ZTE’s investigation is far from the end of the time. it is reported that in the United States Congress released a report on the security of HUAWEI and ZTE, the second round of investigation may follow. a member of the U.S. House of Representatives intelligence committee, said: I think the two companies do not expect our attention will be stopped, the investigation team will continue to investigate according to new clues. due to the October 8th release of the report, the Commission has identified the existence of HUAWEI and ZTE security threats, if the investigation continues, it may mean that the United States market for HUAWEI, ZTE’s completely shut down. the United States blocked HUAWEI’s determination to stimulate the competition. According to the First Financial Daily reporter obtained from Huawei internal a speech was informed that, for the United States Congress bricks, Huawei has dec
Mens Nike All Stars Shoes Black Redided to give up before the strategy of hiding instead of direct competition with American companies. HUAWEI want to compete the US congressional investigation report is being triggered a series of negative effects on the global scale. , according to media reports, Canada is also pointed out that in order to avoid possible security risks, Canada will prohibit the construction of government communications network
http://yyyyllll.cn/news/html/?37078.html in HUAWEI. Relative to the U.S. market, HUAWEI has long been a breakthrough in the Canadian market. And in March of this year, the Australian government to secure the same reason, to prohibit the construction of HUAWEI to participate in the national broadband network. the United States blocked, perhaps to stimulate the fight Ren Zhengfei. In the above HUAWEI internal speech, HUAWEI CEO Ren Zhengfei said: today the United States government to force HUAWEI to this point, had to compete, in addition to beyond what the way HUAWEI can go? in the eyes of ZTE, the situation is not as bad as the outside world. In the day before yesterday’s interview, ZTE President Shi Lirong told reporters that the United States market is currently very difficult, but the future with the improvement of the environment, and ultimately be able to break through the u.s At present, if your product with others almost, or a little better, customers still have a lot of concerns, the key is you have no innovation, there is no product technology to bring great benefits to customers. He said. in fact, the enterprise competition behind the Sino US political game is considered to be an important driving force behind this investigation. Standing member of China computer society safety committee, China Communications Standards Association director, Maipu CEO Zhi Hui Xiao in an interview with this newspaper pointed out that it is because Huawei in the government enterprise market with Cisco to compete headon, Cisco will promote the resistance strikes.

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