p br 2015 September 5

p br 2015 September 5, br week sixth lunar July 23 br cover picture: today, which lasted a week a wide range of rainfall weather process end. Today is the last day of the holiday, in addition to the north and the coastal area of the northern Guangxi will have some showers, the region’s large are cloudy weather, very suitable for travel. In the next two days, the rest of the stage of the rain, the 6 9 days to the northeast wind, is expected to 7 days in Guangxi will usher in a rainfall weather process, local rainfall intensity may be relatively large. So, take advantage of these two days the weather is good to wash the sun. Nanning city map for the sunny weather, people become sunshade umbrella. this page for a directory, please press the corresponding key mobile phone to read the next page content, editing gxb sent to 10658000, can subscribe to Guangxi mobile news
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http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-australia-with-a-similar-design-still-a-softer.html Replace to another mobile phone MMS try. Such attempts above are still not receiving, it is recommended you venue communication 100 service hall to deal with. p br [Parade amp; middot; Guangxi pride] br I District 6 veterans into the veterans of the regiment by reading br according to Autonomous District Civil Affairs Bureau relevant person in charge of the September 4, confirm, Guangxi received invited to participate in the parade of veterans have 8 people, the martyr’s family member 1, a total of 9. The six Guangxi soldiers into the veteran regiment on parade, two veterans and a martyred received the ceremony certificate, to the scene ceremony cheer. Guangxi veterans participated in the military parade in the provinces, but also the overall age of the largest. Song Hongji 101, Xiong Shouming, 99, 98, 97, Qiu Bingji, 95, Wei Zhongcheng,, 6, the youngest Huang Jianzhong, 89. The parade, veteran team car concern. Among them, Song Hongji take the number 1 by reading the car, in the car after the first war veterans square in front of Tiananmen. He was one of the only two of the old men who were in the middle of a war. [a wide

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