p because of my articles written Xi total articles were translated into English

p because of my articles written Xi total articles were translated into English, in the westerner also has the certain influence, said I more or
less to help them to understand the situation of this session of the Chinese government, the ruling idea and path to the future. This time to go overseas, there are several longterm attention to my blog’s experts and scholars held a small seminar, the subject is: what is the biggest problem facing the learning? ; Disposable e cigarette has indeed come, scholars pointed out that the biggest problem is the this is what I wrote most of the theme. Some scholars believe that corruption has come or E-CIGARETTE CHINA difficult to continue the resistance encountered a spent force. But more scholars believe that the economic transformation, enterprise transformation and industrial innovation can not be achieved. Ordinarily, these two problems are indeed very difficult, but also directly related to the survival of the state Chinese. Anti thunder and rain is not small, but construction of system also can not keep up; as far as the economic transformation, especially government called on industry innovation, there is no system supporting, easier said than done. ; but I don’t think these can be called the biggest problem in E-CIG CHINA the study of l
earning. It must be the one to hold the whole problem. The problem is not solved, the other ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA is the problem. Once the problem is solved, the other is not a problem. So, what
is the biggest challenge facing the government? ; amp;nbspIf you pick up a copy of the eighteen major general in
important meeting and speech, it is not difficult to find that in just a few thousand words of speech, the study will almost always emphasize three important aspects, namely, the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, inheritance and play Chinese culture and Confucian tradition, as well as the practice of 24 words socialist core values, the study is always the only one leader, in his speech at the same time stressed that seemingly some separation of the system, culture and Hot E Cig kits values. The problem is precisely that, whether from the practice of countries in the world, or the existing theory of East and West, these three
kinds of things not only can not be mentioned in the same breath, and even will be considered to be contrary to. ; first said system . in the eyes of Western observers, the socialist road in addition to the end of the former Soviet Union, which is currently in a difficult situation, North Korea, Cuba and vietnam. Many western scholars can not explain, and even can not understand the Chinese characteristics of socialism political system how to reform and opening up thirty years of practice, has made great economic achievements. In many scholars began to reflect the western democratic existing problem, and even some Western leaders also showed a lack of confidence, the remaining country put forward confidence in the system ; . b in the past hundred years of the Chinese nation the pursuit of freedom, democracy, equality and prosperity, after suffering, and full of disappointment and Mechanical Mod and RDA failure. From the original face of the ship Kennedy