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p amp; amp; new media research network Discuz! Lovers network aidiscuz exclusive observation text o see reporter on this industry in the eyes of many people is crowned king of tall image, walking free, shiny, justice spokesperson tags tend to be posted in the journalist. Right, this is right, so that many people have a good news and the reporter dream. In China from the stateowned media, provincial media to local media have thousands of media units, but similar to Lippmann, Pulitzer, Murdoch, and how many people? State media, the provincial media is easier for local media people to achieve their dreams, and local media people are not so easy. difficult to draft a good copy of the labor fruit is not respected br amp; nbsp amp; amp; a young reporter
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Red Pale Greentold me that himself and the press ideal, now there have been no confidence, one is in place is not easy to release and good release. The
http://www.hljlushengzuche.com/news/html/?8347.html definition of the newspaper is issued more than 3000 words, good draft manuscript is supervision. So in place, reporters at the grassroots level is difficult to make good news out, all to control the negative news as the center, basically supervision manuscript in the halfway is public relations. br amp; nbsp amp; amp; o I see once told a local newspaper Metropolis Daily and evening were observed, the number of news is much lower than that of the other classes of the manuscript, the soft, the relationship between the draft and the draft publicity and advertising is popular. It is a news in the newspaper spots. br amp; nbsp amp; amp; a friend of the industry in a dinner to me revealed that its recently reported a large domestic beverage drinks in a mosquito, when your manuscript to a whole, agents and consumers reached a compensation agreement. However, agents find various relationships to get the newspaper leadership and editor, his manuscripts

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