p according to iResearch iResearch launched the network video market monitoring system iVideoTracker

p according to iResearch iResearch launched the network video market monitoring system iVideoTracker, the latest data show, in 2015 may network a href TV Rel = nofollow drama hit list, Zhao Wei to join Tong Dawei deductive tiger mother cat dad parenting and marriage, reap billions of viewers on demand. Small meat together eyecatching, four Mingbu on the list for children. Href= Movie , the most popular movie run it! Brothers won the first place, bear, super corps animation film youth market. Love, comedy is hot. Variety, run! Brothers, the second season ranked in the top, the father to where the second quarter to join the sweet and fragrant Olivia fiery regression. The new variety of all kinds of reality show All flowers bloom together. emerge in an endless stream. 2015 May, online video including TV, movies, variety coverage reached 420000000, compared with last month, an increase of 1.5%, compared with the same period last year fell by 2%, to maintain a stable trend. Demand for TV play to maintain high, the number reached 335000000. The film and the v
Womens Merrell Shoes Fuchsia Yellowariety were harvested 236000000 and 258000000 user’s attention. 5 TV drama, family emotional drama tiger mother cat dad to cover the number of billions of dollars won top. Zhao Wei after an absence of seven years after the screen gorgeous regression, Tong Dawei and three degrees of cooperation, the interpretation of tiger mother cat dad marriage subway and amusing
http://www.qiyueyu.com.cn/news/html/?326314.html parenting, perfect CP triggered National hot and sought after. Juvenile four list of the list for several months, this month ranked third. The cock man series has always been well received by male viewers of all ages, the cock man the four seasons cock wire and Ms. fan joined bring more surprise, this month on the list eighth. Hawick Lau hand in hand in the Republic of emotional drama again struck, seize the rainbow man fresh out. From the type of view, to love, family class majority. p movie, nowadays one of the most popular reality TV variety show the run! Brothers film of the same name in 1779 million the number of people covered by topped. Popular star Zheng Kai starred in love comedy, there is a kind of you love me continuous list, this month jumped second. The classic comedy film 20 years to return to China and South Korea Co production of Zaiduofali on the list. Bear, super setsurei glory corps and other animated movies of youth market, brisk performance. With the theme of youth movie why Silent Farewell Xiao, left ear despite suffering Tucao, but still harvest decent box office, online video media equally popular attention. From the type of view, love, comedy is popular. variety, brothers run it second quarter of nearly 100000000 of the number of top cover. With Zhong Hanliang, Jing Bairan, Huang Xiaoming and other popular stars to join, bring more topics and

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