p according to iResearch iResearch launched the network video market monitoring system iVideoTracker

p according to iResearch iResearch launched the network video market monitoring system iVideoTracker, the latest data show that in 2015 March network TV hit list, Huang Xiaoming to bring the splendid edge strong incoming, staged version of the Republic of China President handed fall in love with me. The costume drama continued hot, the myth of heroes, The legend of Condor Hero list. Four Mingbu young little meat gathered, most young women pay attention to. The movie, the hero Wong Fei hung a dream won top, the spoiled woman’s best life on the list for, romance, comedy is still hot. I am a singer won the top third season. Along the way you near the end, the ranking rise. Star Travel program tricks sister this month launched, highlights continued. March 2015, online video including TV, movies, variety coverage reached 410000000, compared with last month, an increase of 1.7%, compared with the same period last year fell by 1.8%, to maintain a stable trend. Demand for TV play to maintain high, the number reached 341000000. The film and the variety were harvested 240000000 and 240000000 user’s attention. p 3 month TV drama, Huang Xiaoming an
Mens Nike All Stars Shoes Grey Oranged Jon double of the leader of the new splendid edge Gorgeous Adventure topped the nearly 10 million the number of cover, the Republic of China President handed in love with Mary Sue drama the young female fans. The juvenile four famous fishing, gathered a small meat. a
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-australia-led-to-a-classification-on-the-basis-of-cushioning.html href rel = nofollow a Yang Ocean, William Chan, impressive popularity, won the viewers of all ages. Drama adapted by Lu Yao’s famous novel ordinary world tells the story of the cultural revolution after years of suffering, and this month ranked third. Costume drama to popular, occupy the list, fantasy theme the myth of heroes, the stone I dare Xiongzhi East Day list famous. film, classic costume action movie series of the latest version of Huang Feihong Huang Feihong a dream hero won top. By the high value of the actor Eddie Peng, angelababy interpretation, the most popular young students. Huang Xiaoming, Xun Zhou subvert the image of the romantic comedy the best woman spoiled life for March on the list, ranking high. Variety of the same name of the movie run! Brother to run male powder attention to the film, this month ranked fifth. The action movie war, Ming Liang sea tiger by male preference. From the type of view, love, comedy is popular. p variety, singer reality show I am a singer in the third quarter ratings gradually go high, this month to 46.09 million the number of people covered by won top. Happy camp in second. Husband and wife travel reality show the way you at the end of March ending, last month the sixth rise to fourth this month, most unmarried young women of all ages. The same as the travel reality show tricks sister this month launched, forest

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