p 2015 September 4

p 2015 September 4, br Friday lunar July 22 br cover picture: the central bank drop must cut interest rates, the second suite provident fund Shoufu ratio down. Recently, E-CIGARETTE CHINA the property market easing frequent, people on the golden nine silver ten full of imagination. Is the property market accelerated to pick up? Is the time to buy a house? Please pay attention to this property. p today reading [property concern] br ] cut RRR developers purchase Qi profit br ]
fund Shoufu down good amp; living family amp; br [of the local property market] br ] Nanning 34 projects will have entered the market rob guest ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA br ^ giant generous take Jiaore Liuzhou market br [buyers. Weapon] br ] teach you to distinguish between developers really preferential and gimmicks br ] buy secondhand housing should avoid five amp; high risk area amp;, p this page for a directory, please press the corresponding key mobile phone to read the
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nine silver ten anticipated br [policy], the people’s Bank of E-CIG CHINA China decided that since August 26, 2015, the financial institutions a oneyear benchmark lending rate cut by a quarter of a percentage point to 4.6%, one year time deposit datum interest rate cut by 0.25 percentage points to 1.75%. Since September 6, 2015, the reduction of financial institutions RMB deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage
points, in order to maintain the liquidity of the banking system is reasonable, and guide the smooth and moderate growth of money and credit. p ]: developers, property buyers Qi profit br the RRR cuts can have a positive impact on the industry, and the real estate industry is huge benefits. From the perspective of the real estate market, the Shanghai chain of home market research director Lu Qilin believes that the first drop will release a lot of liquidity, benefit developers and buyers get bank loans, then cut interest rates will also promote the developers and property buyers to reduce the cost of capital, in good policy is conducive to the development and construction of housing developers, but also promote the purchase of housing, thereby increasing the activity of transactions, especially in the mortgage benefits. p A] good: the monthly mortgage also a decrease in the amount br the cut means need loans to buy a house property buyers repayment burden further reduced. In particular, a home buyers loan period of 20 years, 5.4% months after the benchmark interest rate 1000000