originated from pictographic China Chinese characters broad and profound

originated from pictographic China Chinese characters broad and profound, even Ancient Chinese Literature Search profound scholar, also dare not say of can memorize all Chinese characters. Scholars like this, the majority of ordinary people encounter unknown words and what to do in life? Guess? Or stroke or stroke input method by hand copied, the copy to the Sogou know inside ask a question? The former is not reliable, the latter is a waste of time, especially the general will only use the Pinyin input method, dear colleagues, encountered such embarrassing exactly how to do? In fact, Sogou input method to this problem understanding thought so, today and share hide a Sogou input method in U mode , splits the input, a key to get rare word! walked in the street, we often see such signs Hotel, know its meaning, but don’t know how to read these three words, if more rash read the cattle, sheep, fish really expose oneself to ridicule. Sogou input method U model to deal with this kind of the same stack of Chinese characters into words is the most handy. ? words separates, is precisely the cattle, cattle, cattle. Only in the Sogou input method Chinese Pinyin input¬†state, the first type U and then the continuous input of three cattle word pinyin spelling of Niu, Niu, Niu, look,? Word appeared, also very considerate filling Sogou Pinyin, a rare word would be simple recognition out. Next, we’ll follow suit?¬†The word and the word of it?. U mode not only can input? This same Chinese characters superimposed words, for radical combination is also effective Chinese characters. This does not, the class to a new classmate, name is very strange, it is actually Zhang word. This may be bad to be introduced to the students in her class cadres, in the end is a few Ji or Chou the enemy? If you read the wrong to more embarrassing? in the Sogou Pinyin input method U mode, Zhang words in radical split. Split into people a few, to see if there is the result? The original pronunciation is actually Zhang, learned from the Sogou encyclopedia, this is actually an ancient surname originated in the spring and autumn and the Warring States period. may have a pro who will say, like this simple three words superimposed characters, or clear the radicals, I’m afraid not absolute words, if encounter extremely rare characters, U mode and effect? Just like the ? character, stroke genuinely not complicated, vertical and horizontal, however, separately removed fraction, but not a common radical or character, it can be done use your head, it’s not a big problem. Sogou input method U model also can handle it! Please do not believe, what is this: press the U key, call the U mode, Sogou input method has been provided for users not familiar with Pinyin input five stroke root

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