Original title: personal credit records to record the progress of the credit in the credit rating of the time

Original title: personal credit records to record the progress of the credit in the credit rating of the time, the purchase of credit if there is a problem, the difficulty of the loan will undoubtedly increase. In the purchase process, many buyers have encountered such a problem. Guarantee company Ansett WHISKAS ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA experts pointed out,
have a good personal credit will increase the borrowers in the loan application weight, and the central bank personal credit verification becomes more and more strict, bad credit record almost buried in the daily life in every corner of the borrower accidentally will step on to personal credit minefield, in order to handle future loan set up barriers. Handle the credit card into wrong hands married loan Disposable e cigarette to buy a house difficult case: Liu Xiaojie is 32 years old this year, is a typical older 3S lady, because not married so has been living with her parents, she wanted to buy a house to move out to live this year, she has got hundreds of thousands of deposits, plus the parent fund, no problem loans to buy a largesized apartment, but when applying for a loan, but was told that her personal credit report is and both spouses need to prepare a marriage certificate to sign the scene, carefully check only learned of her half a year ago in the process of credit card, the form will be
filled into the state of marriage Liu Xiaojie did not think of their own negligence should give loans caused so much trouble. Expert analysis: for credit cards and personal credit situation directly linked, Miss Liu in the to apply for a credit card to fill in a form will their marriage written also are recorded in the personal credit rating system, that in the
credit report, for a loan to to prepare the information according to the married identity, causing unnecessary obstacles to her loan. Case if Miss Liu change marital status, need to go to the Hot E Cig kits Civil Affairs Bureau issued a single proof, so borrowers in handling credit card should pay attention to every detail, so as not to affect the future of their loans application. Credit card repayment robbing Peter to pay Paul personal credit dye tainted case: Mr. Cui is a securities company director, the hands do more than one credit card, every month he received wages not immediately after the Mechanical Mod and RDA repayment, but during the interest free credit card to buy funds or consumption, etc. to free two days before the fund redemption repayment, to earn a profit at the same time and earn a credit card points, but after a long time he often remember a few cards repayment date, so they often put the money in a credit card cash out is also E-CIGARETTE CHINA a maturity of the card, robbing Peter to pay Paul type of repayment. He wants to apply for an unsecured loan to buy a car this year, but were told that the credit is Expert analysis: now a lot of large credit cards for people E-CIG CHINA are playing card card game, similar to the case in the case of Mr. Cui so or beyond their ability to repay the credit card spending, leading to no money, then turn to do new card, with new card overdraft amount of cash to repay old card bill, the biggest disadvantage is that the individual credit report shows several
bad repayment records, leading to the loan. Beware of zombie card to swallow your money bad record, brush full
credit report case: Mr. Peng twenty head, is now a home?