original address: the real cause of China’s farmers poverty a rare good article

original address: the real cause of China’s farmers poverty a rare good article, the analysis is too thorough br poverty is not as simple as we imagine: poverty is because the farmer quality is low, no culture, ignorance, natural conditions, and so on. attributed the cause of poverty to the poor themselves, as if poverty were not much of a relationship with the government, institutions, and the mainstream. Not! To a large extent, poverty is not the right, and the poverty of the mainstream society design is not reasonable. I start with a story. I went to a town in an area, the township has 14000 people, tin, lead ore, coal mine, every day from the Xiang pulled out of the mineral value of about 40 million. Mine is Zhejiang, Sichuan, Yunnan, the amp; big boss amp; to the township government every year they provide tax insufficient 50 million, but the comings and goings of mineral transport vehicle annually pavement damage to
repair the capital of not less than 150 million. Mine opened, the environment is destroyed, the resources are not, and the mine is toxic, miners do not have any labor protection, each miner in the
mine can only work three months can not work, the time has long been a life. Such labor, the wages of each miner is ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA less than 300 yuan month. If you see the miners on the mine, your first feeling is that the miners and the animals are not much different. Do not live in that environment are difficult to understand rather exhausted, do not starve to death realistic choice. br
br E-CIGARETTE CHINA the second story: I went to a poor county, where the original forest is since the 1990s cut, cut down a tree without any compensation, because the mainstream society that is the country’s forest, deforestation natural none of the locals. No deforestation, local people mainly live on hunting, with simple farming, life is more comfortable. After the tree, the local people have to turn to the farming life from hunting life, build the terrace go through untold hardships. In E-CIG CHINA the last few years, it is said to protect the environment, prevent soil erosion, the government forced the local Mechanical Mod and RDA people to return farmland to forest. Forests have been cut down, there is no compensation; hard to open a terrace, a file down, said your annual 300 kilograms of grain supply, to 5 8 years to settle a dispute. When I was on the scene, I was so ashamed. A lot of people talk about protecting the environment is very kind and compassionate, but in the face of
the weak, but the people are so! br br when I walked into the depths of poverty in the face of poverty, I really no reason blame people struggling in poverty. After a long thought, I have a better understanding Hot E Cig kits of poverty. At least a dozen of the main limitations of the poor, leading to the poor system, we need to re review: 1 ,
property rights system above two stories are related to property rights system. Disposable e cigarette Mineral resources belong to the state, who has the stateowned? Who has the right to approve mineral resources development, who will represent the country. Some would say,