October 2324

October 2324, sponsored by the group of 2014 Shanghai Ai Rui Internet Marketing Summit held in Kerry Hotel Pudong. Ereli annual summit meeting as the third leg, 2014 Shanghai iResearch Internet Marketing Summit continuation of the previously Beijing, Shenzhen two summit Shou is surprising? Integration and innovation theme, to as a starting point, many in the industry heavyweight guests invited to share marketing cases and experience, to explore the reform and innovation of the Internet marketing, Internet marketing model under the new economic era pulse. p the following is the millet Liwan Jiang, vice president of science and technology: the tasting sense of participation: millet wordofmouth marketing internal manual for the theme of the speech: p , vice president of millet Technology Li Wanqiang: Good morning! Just when I was talking to the electronic business card, I had a conversation with me. To enter the 2 era, the best way to exchange business cards, is the time when each speaker came to the stage wearing a Tshirt with a twodimensional code, you just take pictures or scan twodimensional code can be a business card. today I talk to you, a sense of I have a lot of occasions in the past is to talk about the s
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Lunar Gray Black Redense of participation of millet. Today I want to talk to you, I think the sense of participation is a brand of key words. in the sense of participation, we find that this is a very deep connection with the Chinese consumer philosophy. In China, after experiencing three consumer upgrades, we found that these three stages are not from the survival, to enjoy, to
http://mall.cnncb.com/2043/news/html/?54150.html today’s slowly want to develop. To survive, the basic function of consumption, there is such a thing can be. The stage you mentioned that many are the socalled old 3, new three. For the whole needs of people, there is a very classical theory called Maslow theory. One of the most basic needs is a Pyramid, the most basic needs of the future, you want to be respected, and want to pursue more self realization value. I think in this behind, the entire consumer from the earliest functional consumption to later brand consumption. As early as a few years, we see a lot of companies, especially the mobile phone companies in doing a lot of experience, and guide consumers to experience the type of consumer. A lot of business from the previous big department store to make today the way to experience consumption. So, we believe that the whole of China entered the era of participation. let’s look at the sense of participation of millet. We should be aware that we are doing research and development, adhere to the weekly update. This week to update the iteration, through the forum launched a million, millions of users with us to do the product. We search the needs of users through the forum, the user can be a point of praise, the most simple voting behavior. Our product manager, according to the views of users, collect demand, a week to carry out iteration. a lot of manufacturers, they are doing the time to do the phone basically every half year, or even one year, two years to update once, and closed the door to do.

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