news page layout p is not subject to much attention to women’s basketball game

news page layout p is not subject to much attention to women’s basketball game, but every year because of some unexpected events and grab a eye, this time booth thing, Shanghai women’s basketball team. In the last week of the WCBA League third stage game, the Shanghai women’s basketball team for two consecutive away of Guangdong Women’s basketball game, with each other’s foreign aid Yelena clashed, Kan Becky opener hit Yelena was suspended for one game after, Shanghai women’s basketball team owners Shi Xiufeng and palm slap the Yelena. And in the last night, the Basketball Association of Shi Xiufeng malicious foul opened a ticket: Shanghai Baoshan Dahua women’s basketball club to give informed criticism, and subtract the Club League funds 3000 yuan of punishment; give the Shanghai team Shi Xiufeng reprimand, suspension in Game 4 of the punishment conventional match the 32 rounds to the 34th round and the playoffs first round. on both sides of the game for the first time in 7 days, the Shanghai women’s i like air jordan shoes men basketball team Australia foreign aid Canbec hand to hit the Guangdong team of foreign aid
Mens Kevin Durant V Purple Blue Black Yelena face in the fight for rebounds, leading to the orbital soft
Kevin Durant V Shoes Men Wholesale tissue injury 7 stitches, and thus being suspended for one i love cheap jordans wholesale game, however, second consecutive meetings in two to 9 days, the Shanghai team of local leading scorer Shi Xiufeng again and Yielena clashed, Yielena to beat the history of Xiufeng was whistled for a technical foul, Shi Xiufeng was ejected and lost two of the i like lebron james 2014 Shanghai women’s basketball team will discount kids air jordan shoes become the first to conquer since Guangdong’s third stage 8 game. p after the game online to denounce a wave after wave, Shi Xiufeng uneven not anger through the microblogging voice: when many of our domestic players’ she Yelena ‘wounded game malicious frequent additional’ small ‘action, I would like to ask your speech in where? Have you ever had to get back to justice? You should look at the ball, you can understand the ball, when our people are attacked and hurt, where are you? I fought back for the sisters! You are condemning, insult, evil I will be left behind, because I know my character Everything has two sides! p although shortly after Shi Xiufeng will delete this article micro Bo, but it serves to show the heart gravamen, the reporter understands, Yelena provoke the Shanghai women’s basketball team anger is because she in the game indeed often resorted to the despicable nociceptive action. WCBA League broadcast efforts is far less than that of the CBA League, Morning Post reporter yesterday only
Kevin Durant V Shoes Women Wholesale from the channel won the two game of video clips. The discount lebron james website video to than the network spreads more complete strong before Kan Becky hit Yelena, Yelena in a defensive continuous to break layup Hom Becky resorted to legs of the trip and stepping malicious damage action and i love jordan nubuck men covert action and dangerous, this lead to the Hom Becky’s fury; and Shi Xiufeng shot Yelena before, but
Kobe Bryant Shoes Wholesale also because Yelena have an excess of the additional action, maliciously fan