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Message of the mountains: E-CIG CHINA Hello! Welcome to Kaishandao long live! Please press Ctrl + D to the mountains blog page into the favorites, convenient visit next time. The hot and hot issues involved Mechanical Mod and RDA in this blog is for reference only! Early assessment: on Monday, the Shanghai composite index opened higher following a high, rose
nearly 5% return to 3900, pulled across the board, two city turnover exceeded the total 1.2 trillion yuan. Taking a panoramic view of the market, from the recent index continued strong market and sell slowing momentum point of view, at present, the operation of the market is gradually stable. Investors fear the OTC market clearing is ongoing, the third party distribution system service providers to accelerate internal restructuring, banks gradually tightened with the financial business and the size
of the two financial balance of record low, high leverage financing risks are gradually being resolved. Although some of the valuation of the plate still need to adjust, but the A shares to leverage or to enter the end of the market outlook may see a high line. Operation, the overall proposal of the current investors to stock holding, waiting for the market to adjust ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the signal. 09:31 two city opened lower, shipping stocks continued to lead. 09:39 wave feint, nuclear stocks continue to have outstanding performance, the wall of nuclear material word board, good electric shares, China heavy, Oriental zirconium industry, nuclear science and technology and other rose more than 3%, dips and opportunity. 09:50 turned red Chun Hing Seiko, gaosongzhuan continued speculation. Including the previously mentioned Leo shares, Silver billion shares, Hanlan shares have all started. We have similar potential stocks, the need for the layout of the. At 10:08 benefit in Ali shares Suning, o2o today collective outbreak, Su ningyun, Kyushu, the friends of the A shares, red chain, Yonghui supermarket and other have limit, solid gold shares, holdings, Xinhua all have soared. 10:26, the Internet and financial reform of the central enterprises to become the most awesome, O2O highlights the theme of the present, the two Disposable e cigarette cities have 60 a few, the index is expected to have a chance to break through 4000 points! 10:43 market is ready to launch the impact, Hot E Cig kits the concept of cross-border electricity suppliers, electricity suppliers 020 concepts, Internet banking, electronic payment and other plate rose. In addition, the concept of nuclear power has been in front of the new energy concept also performed well. 10:51 new energy lithium battery in bliss material, Ganfeng lithium lead and fluoride just punching not sealed, when l technology, win technology, integrated into the flight, Rui technology, rose more than 6%, the performance is quite good, congratulations to keep up with friends. 10:56 current market liangnengfangtai obviously, if it is run down, the volume of the two cities today is expected to approximate 2 trillion. 11:06 market E-CIGARETTE CHINA failed to break through, causing small diving. The surface of the people is still not strong enough, a rise on the chase, a fall on the throw. 11:23 a sustained rise in stocks, there is often a major rise in the performance of the process, the process is the fastest rise in the period of the stock, so it has
become the most investors want to seize the opportunity. 11:30 market ceased to decline, the key to see how to choose the afternoon. Lock this blog, live update. Press F5 to refresh the content.