Mdt InfoTech Ltd and the company founder and chairman and CEO

Mdt InfoTech Ltd and the company founder and chairman Hot E Cig kits and CEO. From 1980 to 1986 in Disposable e cigarette the international political and Law Department of Peking University undergraduate and graduate students, after going to the United States Fletcher law and China Foreign Affairs University School ofLaw and Diplomacy Fletcher to obtain a master’s degree. 1989 home, engaged in the design of China’s securities market and the creation of, now also for China Securities Market Research and Design Center Liaison Office managing director of research. In 1990, the center launched the creation of the Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System STAQ, executive director Zhang long served the system. Since the beginning of 1995, advocate of Zhang Long 500 member companies to provide information service function grafted to the Internet platform for the system, provide financial information services for the social institutions and individual investors, and relying on the Liaison Office of the advantages of resources, successfully organization implementation of the transition of the management. Chen Jianfeng Hexun Information Technology Co., Ltd. director and Deputy Gen
eral Manager COO of China’s Internet industry senior business executives, 1996 began to join the cause of Internet development in China. The Chinese famous financial network media hexun hexun chief operating officer. Mr. Chen Jianfeng is a veteran E-CIG CHINA of the Internet industry in China, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA but also the Chinese Internet, commercial and commercial development of positive publicity and Mechanical Mod and RDA practitioners. Served as president in Sohu, Netease, such as
Qianlong wellknown Internet company executive assistant, vice president, senior vice president position. 2007 was elected China Internet Conference named China Internet advertising ten years of advertising; in 2008, the famous Internet third party organizations, the group named China’s Internet Elite Award; 2009 won the Chinese Internet marketing pioneer award. 1989 graduated from E-CIGARETTE CHINA the Department of history, Xiamen University, after studying the School Department of economics, 94 years of economic master’s degree, in 2006, the Peking University, the Chinese Economic Research Center of international EMBA class learning, and obtain a master’s degree in management. Xiao Mei Liu Hexun Information Technology Co., Ltd. chief financial officer CFO in 2003 to join liaison group capital any
director, general manager, responsible for the group’s company financing, acquisitions and strategic cooperation. Previously, in the United States Lehman Lehman Brothers company investment banking division, senior manager, engaged in IPO and equity financing, debt financing and mergers and acquisitions. Xiao Mei Liu graduated in 1991 in China Institute of Finance and obtained a bachelor’s degree, in 1997 graduated received a master of Business Administration MBA degree in Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania Wharton Wharton. Yang Hexun Information Technology Co., Ltd. chief technology officer CTO had with dispatch
company engaged in software development, system architecture, technical support, product planning, team management, many work, mainly responsible for the company’s key projects and technology management. With 15 years working experience in Internet and
computer industry. Zhao Fang and frequency