looking back into the past 2011 China games or online games

looking back into the past 2011 China games or online games, hit the world, electric tour still persist in one’s old ways, PC single still desolate scene. Of course there are countless, fighting in the young people and the dreamer game industry still attacks before subsequent Huisa passion and dream, write with those we have or are experiencing the story. And the ten major events listed below are 2011 Chinese game industry can not know, is just one of the miniature event ten, network game addiction prevention real name verification formally implemented Background: according to the national eight ministries issued on the network game addiction prevention real name verification work notice, the network game addiction prevention real name verification work officially implemented in October 1st. commented: people’s Daily news, in the implementation of online addiction in these 4 years, the net swims game player loyal users in the proportion dropped 50%. It seems that in the relevant departments, the result is worth of foreign propaganda, which is stacked many digital one of your accomplishments. Although┬áin the past 4 years, the anti obsession system in the game player almost does not exist. And this project also has many loopholes, such as anti indulgence real name verification work is currently only covers all online using the network game, not including the network game of mobile phone; the children can use the parents ID card register. Prevent indulge the intention is good, but useless, the┬ánet swims the standardization is still a long way. heat: New: no Sincerity: event nine: long cuts thinking Background: on January 10, 2011, long swim in magic legend project after the failure of a number of departments involved in research and development, market of layoffs, and halted the operation of multiple projects. In the end of 2010 there is perfect and spatiotemporal, Jinshan, couplet swims and so the wave of layoffs of many enterprises. comment: you encounter with the whole industry downturn related. In a few years ago the industry development prospects of HERSHEY’S, rush to expand the operation scale, and to mature industry specification, a lot of lack of sincerity, shoddy project natural market acceptance of the cold. heat: assumes New: no Sincerity: no event eight, page swim wave sweeping across the 2011 Background: with other giants joined Tencent company, in 2011 the Chinese webpage game market scale will reach 1100000000 yuan, up 12.2% over last year. A large number of Internet companies have joined the web game operations and independent development, the strong user liquidity, the formation of all companies go digging gold. Financing low also appeared in 2011 the client network, optimistic about the web game for short, smooth, fast advantage of investment square. comment: from the development of industry scale, webpage game business model and the user consumption habits have become mature, the market capacity in 2

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