Loading data don’t let the old man in the lonely left 23:25:03 By: 20141025 Confidante Tanzhi don’t let the old man go away in isolation | amp|nbspThe Confidante Tanzhi p today ‘s newspaper

Loading data don’t let the old man in the lonely left 23:25:03 By: [20141025] Confidante Tanzhi don’t let the old man go away in isolation ; amp;nbspThe E-CIGARETTE CHINA Confidante Tanzhi p today ‘s newspaper, there are two compelling news, one is ninety Granny fell, Meng two passing young people come to the rescue, no major ailments. Another is Qinzhou, a woman on the tricycle when sudden illness, although, for people, but unfortunately died. Although everywhere the old man fell, the salvor is injustice, but hearts after all good deeds, the two events, passersby are eager to lend a helping hand. There was no correct people news too much influence, at the same time, the families expressed heartfelt gratitude. However, the old man after an event in misfortune, to a distraught. the South China Morning Post October 25, 2014 The old man before the
incident at the age of 90, but you have to take care of the family. After the incident in the elderly, nearly 80 years, but it has been a long time, three daughters are in the field. Not even the last one. there is an old saying: filial piety. Filial pi
ety is a traditional ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA virtue, filial piety is a great love,
is the child’s good and affection for their parents. Throughout the last five years of Chinese civilization context. Parents, not far away. The traditional family culture, is the number of generations
of the family culture. The old people care, few people take care of, under the same roof, there is a dispute between the brothers each other couples, there is always
http://www.ywzymx.com/news/html/?159996.html someone persuasion. Blood is thicker than water, encounter difficulty on United, gongduonanguan. So many thousands of years, China has become a paradise for the elderly. The traditional Disposable e cigarette filial piety culture also has a profound influence on all directions. now that technology has improved, but morality has been reversed. The world is developing too fast, increasing the flow of talent, and the big family split into many small families. The most common family of three, for fear of the two generation of people get along with the embarrassment and non, many people Hot E Cig kits do not want to live with their parents. Old people are not willing to give their children trouble. Adult children, married, old man also with grandchildren, it seems that this is as unalterable principles. Grandchildren grow up, Mechanical Mod and RDA parents are more and more old. Habitual thinking of people is terrible, in our eyes, parents or the former parents. Used to enjoy parental care and care, but have not found the parents of white hair a day than a world in white, the body is one day than a world of the bent. at this time, parents are the most need to take care of their children. They have a hard life, not the children of the return, just look forward to their children Pinpin Ann Ann. This should be the warmth and comfort of old age. p can be in real life, you can see the face of age spots old man, E-CIG CHINA one Zhan tinily before walking away to work, with not the era of the times, appear to be so helpless. You can also see many old people are sick, only.