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Newspaper article health has been a hot word, building a healthy China, the need to build a large health system and its management system. What is the major health system, need to Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men have a full range of cognitive. Major health policy formation should be based on the State Council on promoting the development of health services in a number of opinions national hair 2013 40 as a sign. In the medical service industry transformation for health services in the landmark document that I love Nike air foamposite pro health services to maintain and promote people’s physical and mental health as the goal, including medical services, health management and promotion, health insurance and related services, involving drugs, medical equipment, health supplies, health food, health products and other supporting industries. In the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the formulation of national economic and social development the thirteenth fiveyear planning around promoting healthy Chinese construction, involving large health 10 core content: 1. Deepening the reform of health system, implementation of three medical linkage medical, health care, medicine linked, to promote
Kids Air Jordan 5 Shoes Online Sale the separation of medicine, implement hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, to establish a basic medical and health system covering both urban and rural areas and the modern hospital management system. 2 to promote the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, to optimize the layout of health instituti
Kids Air Jordan 5 KJ5012ons, improve the linkage between the top and bottom, the convergence of complementary medical service system, improve the basic level of medical service model, the development of telemedicine. 3 to promote the medical resources to the grassroots, rural mobility, promote general practitioners, family physicians, medical services in urgent need to improve the field of medical services, electronic health records and other work. 4 to encourage social forces to set up a healthy service industry, promote nonprofit private hospitals and public hospitals equal treatment. 5 to strengthen the supervision of medical quality, improve the mechanism of dispute mediation, and build a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients. 6 adhere to the traditional Chinese and Western medicine, promote the development of I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women traditional Chinese I buy Nike air foamposite one medicine and national medicine. 7 improve the basic drug system, improve the drug supply security mechanism, rationalize drug prices, increase the free supply of AIDS and other special drugs. Improve the drug quality and ensure the safety of drug use. 8 to
Kids Air Jordan 7 Shoes Online Sale strengthen infectious diseases, chronic diseases, endemic disease and other major diseases prevention and control of occupational disease prevention and control, through a variety of ways to reduce the medical costs of serious illness. 9 advocate a healthy lifestyle, Nike Air Max Sale For kids strengthen mental health services. 10 implementation of food safety strategy, the formation of a strict and efficient, social governance of food safety management system, so that people eat at ease. In the civil society, for the great health management also has a very brilliant exposition. Such as in the world economic forum’s new leader annual meeting 2014 Summer Davos Forum in Tianjin eighth annual will, Tianjin Tasly group chairman I like Nike foamposite one of the board of directors of Yan Xijun called for the establishment of the health management system, the company adhere to the pursuit of heaven together, to improve the quality of life business philosophy, to build five major health system, that is, to establish the concept of health system, popularize health education system and innovative health technology system, development of health industry system, improving the health service system. To promote the world people to live a good life, live long, sick late, go to the realization of the safety of life goals. Personally think that health
Kids Jordan Spizike Shoes Online Sale care services as the end result of a large health system should include at least the following dimensions: the first to the nature and society as the basis of the text