let the tight supply and demand of agricultural products

let the tight supply and
demand of agricultural products, which is still benefiting? ; ; ; ; 7 31, the end of China’s rural development forum, the Ministry of agriculture industry policy and regulations division Zhang Tianzuo said that the current price of many agricultural products in China is not fully reflected in the value of agricultural production resources and labor costs, agricultural inputs, labor, government rent costs increased significantly, the benefits of breeding farms are declining. The officials think, which makes a large number of consumers cheap agricultural products do not cherish, and enable a large number of producers use chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other for stimulation, strategy E-CIG CHINA should ensure that the supply and demand of agricultural products of moderately tight. the Beijing News August 1st agricultural products prices continued to abnormally low, inevitable will affect the continued investment in agricultural production and management. A large number of decentralized smallscale production and management to further reduce the positive, it will Hot E Cig kits stimulate the emergence of more use of fertilizers, pesticides to increase production, in order to partially
restore the low E-CIGARETTE CHINA cost of agricultural products. In many places, the competent departments of agriculture and local forces to push the leading enterprises to drive mode, the enterprise to reduce the pressure on the purchase price to farmers, the latter production costs can not be recovered through the purchase price
and the low price, simply do not talk about the cost of labor and agricultural production. Continuously for a long time, leading enterprises driven model system could survive the pressure faces, and leading enterprises exploit protocol farmers with limited, investment returns is very poor. the price of agricultural products mentioned here is extremely low, in fact, mainly refers to the agricultural producers can obtain the purchase price
is too low. However, food products and some of the large output of seasonal vegetables, fruits, the country’s market is a lot of agricultural products, the price is not cheap. Ministry of agriculture officials claimed to be to achieve the moderately tight
supply and demand of agricultural products, this formulation is not surprisingly caused strong resentment among the users as consumers of agricultural products, because the market price of Mechanical Mod and RDA the existing agricultural products is already not low, if because the relationship between supply and demand change, some varieties can be to the socalled high price. Even Disposable e cigarette if the competent authorities and local ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA regulation, it is likely to appear low price without the city’s situation, the relevant varieties of products into the socalled quality channels, sold off the price. purchase price is too low, with the price of the market is not stable but overall high market prices, the main flow of agricultural production and operation flows to the middle link. From the present situation, the existence and implementation of multi channel intermediate links.