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Charles Barkley Shoes Online Sale has its own rules, can not arbitrarily offend [] . 1 on Tuesday 19 June 6 Summary: p yesterday’s closing comment mentioned: Shanghai Composite Index shortterm bull strengthened line for 3012, gem refers to the shortterm bull strengthened line for 2185 points Tuesday to closely observe the position of the pros and cons, p comment: today, the market is affected 3012 failed, closing and 3007, and I have given the shortterm straddle strengthened line 3012 errors were only 5 points, tomorrow is likely to jump over. yesterday’s closing comment mentioned: Tuesday if the market is opened or Chonggao down, there will be
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Mens Charles Barkley Shoes MCBS01ut at the bottom. comments: today early in the morning, the main board and gem once turned green, and then all the way up to close the shock. Yesterday is that as long as there is opened or down there will be a rebound, do not panic. 1 on Wednesday 20 June hailun points suggested: today announced on Tuesday China 2015 GDP data growth rate of 6.9%,
http://tianhai88.com/plus/feedback.php?aid=114 it is estimated that there are many brick house interpretation is bad, in fact, is good. Because looking at the world, only China can maintain such a high on the GDP growth rate. The day is GPD method 13%. So, in contrast, China is the driving force of global economic growth. No matter how much the periphery of the stock market, and now the world is looking at China, do not forget the followup as well as SDR and MSCI two positive. Before the China economy did not significantly worse, A shares fell on the stock market crash must not overdo sth to talk about A shares. Today there are many stocks hit a new high rebound since the stock market crash. Today and yesterday received a line 2, line 2 will allow retail investors to change the belief, let oneself more brick house. p the friends of the master of the shortterm, if to do t 0 in the crash of the ground at the end stage, it should be is to bargain hunting high throw, and not after first high throw bargain hunting, to high dropping create a new high rebound, and the belt blood lowcost chips at the bottom of the flesh to the main. p and depth secure at this stage the most suitable is patience to be holding up and ignore the volatility of the disk, many stocks stand out has refused to fell the position. So at this stage can be light index heavy stocks, the layout of the main board of the stock brokerage stocks, small and mediumsized panels layout planning in the 135 income