lead: twentyfirst Century Business Review publisher Wu Bofan said

lead: twentyfirst Century Business Review publisher Wu Bofan said, the life cycle of products have entered fast forward era, we are entering a brand era, not only products. Lock the user, is called a of things. is an enterprise not only need to know how to make a product, also want to care about how to develop the strategy, brand building. To enter in twentyfirst Century to more than ten years, the product competition has already become a cruel game marathon type. This is a big reversal. four or five years ago, if a business just talking about how to make a product, but does not care about how to develop strategies, brand building, will be seen as an ambition of enterprises. And today, talking about strategy has become ridiculous. Jobs took a new product fan speech at Macworld, opened a take the product release era. The products that have not presentable and talk about the strategy of people became the villain. The company of those who have strong brand but can’t come up with a decent products, soon to be the market and consumers abandoned and forgotten, such as NOKIA; and some looked neither strategic nor brand company in two or three years with high growth, product won a stunning example millet; a seize every opportunity to speak about the enterprise and the way to succeed in life who suddenly find themselves the advantages of enterprises may be because of an enterprise of a product and collapse, hurried up front, almost rude, push a lackluster new products, such as. is a kind of what logic, let the strategy, brand marginalized and nihility, and the product has become almost all? business Pope Tom middot; Peters half jokingly said, in the product life cycle long time, you tried to put a big enterprises collapse is a difficult task. The larger the size of enterprises advantage, brand advantage, to the new enterprises to build a very difficult threshold. Strategic inflection point, is nothing more than to foresee and cope with, long product life cycle to observe, enterprise to change to foresee and prevent provides enough time. At the same time, long life cycle so that the brand value can be the natural accumulation. In such a good time, can not say that the enterprise does not need innovation, but innovation enterprise is engaged in the icing on the cake like, spend less, not a small income. In the quiet of the industry, the incumbent firm to live a happy life. industrial era business ecosystem, are based on product life cycle as the background of the long. post industrial era has already come, but many incumbent firms still adhering to the industrial age thinking to pursue and defend the deterministic. The philosopher Dewey said, on the certainty of infatuation from our heart of greed and laziness. Many companies already understood that in this day and age, there can be no once and for all business, but their thinking and action

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