lead: first do associate investment report

lead: first do associate investment report, we have a $400000000 investment fund, has just invested six or seven projects. The first three fund adds up to more than 80 projects, half is the merger and acquisition, half is IPO. so we on the mobile and the related 3G data service is concerned, today I see first do report, we have a $400000000 investment fund, has just invested six or seven projects. The first three fund adds up to more than 80 projects, half, half is IPO. so we on mobile and related data business very attention, today I attend the meeting is also hope to be able to communicate with industry insiders. here’s what we come to 3G’s view, the main points, just Hou teacher said, really need a period of time, to cover expenses need time, need time. If you want to have some chance, certain groups of users to a quantity base. Look at Japan and South Korea, especially in Japan, after the implementation of the monthly expenses, data service has the very big development, it is one of the main points. Another, about the policies and rules, now the whole network or monopoly and operators to manage, this rule becomes very important, the corresponding CP and SP, play what role in the inside, policy stability is very important for investment. Today is good, tomorrow is changed, one thing is very bad. I had attended a meeting of radio and television, of course, also talked about the introduction of a lot of investment matters, in fact my point is to say, there is no open minded, willing to everybody went there to participate, without such a mind, or do not want other people to invite others to also have no, that you what do you mean. Another point is that some of the 3G investment, in fact, we focus on several points, see Amazon very rapid developed very early, from the original first edition to the second version of the very fast development, represents a very important move, each mobile terminal certainly has some special functions, including the reader music downloads, including. In addition, the domestic has also undergone a soft terminal, also is called the client, this is a very important point, here can develop down. The first and second have many applications, is very important for the development of mobile 3G, we are also involved in a company, do remote monitoring of new electrical equipment, about two years time, the original is GPIS, now with 3G and I feel very good. another point, mobile is not isolated an industry, the existence of mobile Internet today, is an extension of the longterm existence of fixed network and Internet based on the Internet after all, new face some competition, such as search business, to carry out the search business, without some of the characteristics of these companies, China Mobile cooperation with the Google, your market the basic disappeared. You do promotion advertising alliance on mobile, because your customers also have investment company OES, like other companies may enter the market. So I suggest it, in this business venture, be very concerned on the Internet called