it is necessary to let the market competition mechanism in the allocation of resources

clean up zombie companies need Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men to take control of the local government restless hands Li Ning p stateowned economy occupies heavier than the abnormal in Northeast China, the reform of stateowned enterprises is not only the focus of social concern, but also for the economic development of the theme. Reporter recently further northeast many interviews found, while many no assets, no production and business activities, three debt paying ability shell enterprise live also death, side is negative pressure on stateowned enterprises a large number of social functions still not divided, part of
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men Online Sale the stateowned enterprises exist many historical burden and realistic problems, has become the development of the stumbling block reform, bones. economic information daily, January 25th eliminate backward production capacity, clean up zombie enterprises, is the most important economic work. However, due to the backward production capacity, zombie companies involved many practitioners, bank debt, the author expects to promote this work is very difficult, very much resistance. However, see reality northeast shell enterprise live also death awkward, so I have a new understanding is practitioners, bank debt of I love Nike air foamposite pro zombie enterprises market clearing industry is followed, the most important is how to restrain the government only idle live hand, let it play a better role at the sam
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Blue Rede time, don’t be a drag. on the one hand, the government officials because of the stateowned enterprises, said the count, the private enterprise that is not feel not adapt, so miss the of the economic era of stateowned enterprises. On the other hand, the local government because of financial revenue and other interests involved, the restructuring of stateowned I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women enterprises is not willing to let go, to obstruct the reorganization of resources and mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, some stateowned enterprises internal placement of children, the children of employees replace parents succession, so far away from the market mechanism of
Blake Griffin Shoes Online Sale stateowned enterprises, bear the by the enterprises bear
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men Online Sale the responsibility and burden, unable to successfully market restructuring. Although these problems are exposed in the northeast, but reflects the current state of China’s stateowned enterprises reform, clean up zombie enterprises, to promote the common problems encountered in the production adjustment. If traced, these problems are the only local government restless hands do not take control by. is true, in the elimination of backward production capacity, clean up zombie companies and other work, the need to play a better role in the government. However, to better play the role of government is to have the border, need to fill instead of p A is governments at all levels must adhere to the rules of economic development, and let the market play I like Nike foamposite one a decisive role in the allocation of resources, such as cleaning up zombie businesses, eliminate backward production capacity, it is necessary to let the market competition mechanism in the allocation of resources, enterprise restructuring negotiations must respect the autonomy, the government must not unprincipled intervention between enterprises mergers and acquisitions, not because officials obsessed with power and selfinterest hinders enterprise mergers and acquisitions, twisted resource allocation. two is that the government should use the rule of law, strengthen law enforcement, to play a proper role. In Nike Air Max Sale For kids the elimination of backward production capacity, to clean up zombie enterprises, the government should do is through the law enforcement inspection and other I buy Nike air foamposite one means, so that every market subject in accordance with the security, the ring