is happy to go to travel to beware of tour guide blind flicker p in late May

is happy to go to travel to beware of tour guide blind flicker p in late May, evacuated to Western Sichuan ABA Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Maoxian, and Dujiangyan, Qingcheng Mountain, such as to turn leisurely trip. p by train, car, the couple from the northeast northeast diameter in Sichuan Province in the northwest corner of the fairyland, excellent scenery, a panoramic view; horsemen Lawton, a bumpy road tired and happy. As for the visit of the famous Chinese and foreign famous scenic spots in the various wonderful feeling, own previously published by the users a lot of photos, videos and articles in the media, I will no longer be superfluous, enumerate;
on the contrary, but to feel uncomfortable with you exchange some travel. Due to the domestic tourism bad guide is not uncommon for deception, flicker, and forced ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA consumption behavior, like a meal, which infiltrates the number of flies, hence a big appetite; believe that as the number of bloggers, have had similar experiences. One of the misdeeds for
tour guides to meet, occurred in the way to go from Jiuzhaigou to huanglong. E-CIGARETTE CHINA A
bus coming away from the Huanglong not far from a small town, the tour guide began introduced: what Huanglong scenic spot mountain is very high, the body is not good or is usually lack of exercise, breathing may be due to the
plateau reaction and difficu even vertically up and sideways down, because had pulmonary edema, even on this revoked account, E-CIG CHINA so there are five, six from Henan to the young couple heard the remark pale, quit, did not dare to Mechanical Mod and RDA take risks, to midway in the town to find a hotel to rest, his pocket to
pay for the accommodation fee, and Huanglong scenic spot tickets, tour guide also not a penny back, said to be the travel agency regulations. see scare tactics preliminary work, female tour guide to flicker, the driver is on the side of beat the drum on the side, a male and a female, sing in chorus with; and solemnly gain by contrast each improves by association with the other, in order to claim, the safety of tourists, while the bus will stop in front Disposable e cigarette of the town, the doctor will get on the bus, for everyone a free medical examination, and register, this is also the travel agency regulations; Mozhun some tourists to be very upset mood, guide the Schmidt, and smiled and said, we are not too nervous, there are older, poor health, but also to Huanglong, shall take corresponding it is recommended to use some drug prevention measures, can, to ensure Hot E Cig kits safety. voice just fell, the car stopped. Saw only a small town, I do not know from which the nooks and crannies alley, drilled two lean 10 year old little girl, in addition to wearing a white lab coat, no any hospital or doctor mark person, only carrying a medicine box on the car. Do not do physical examination, not what myth is purely fabricated the car will hasten to start selling drugs, the tour guide and the driver is on the edge of the help. A box of twelve pieces of equipment installed to sell to 120, and a bottle similar to ordinary mineral water, known as liquid oxygen of the water, actually to sell to 150! There is no doubt that this probably should be the legend of the south.