Introduction: in a APP life cycle

Introduction: in a APP life cycle, in addition to the core product and business need to hold in their hands, the other tests, such as infrastructure services, push, data statistics and so on have a solution of mature available. Internet’s development so far, has experienced a personal hero, teamwork and social division of three stages. Why all the way through the three stages of? It is a social choice problem. At the early stage, the development of the Internet users less, Internet resources less, content is relatively simple, most of them are text, pictures, audio and video content is relatively scarce. From the above analysis we can see that, at this stage, a project, first the concurrency value is not high, because few people; on the other hand, because the content is little, personal maintenance is relatively simple. Basically only need to put the site do, rent a VPS managed can meet requirements of high demand, a point is to purchase their own servers do managed, this stage of a person’s energy can be basically to maintain a product. when the Internet development to a certain stage, one hand the number of Internet users began to gradually increase; on the other hand, everyone on the content also have higher requirements, the user is no longer just satisfied with the text content of pure, pictures, audio and video demand has started to become strong. So the products on the Internet started to push more diverse content. In this way, will have two aspects, the first is the existing human resource is not sufficient to support the content supply; another is the underlying infrastructure services will be increasing pressure, began to need people to maintain. This time we need a team with a common goal, to fulltime operation of existing products. to the mobile Internet rapid development today, poineering doorsill is relatively lower, but for entrepreneurs to consider the issue more. Application of exit, can erupt, how long would break out, can break out to what extent? Ready to work these issues in relation to the entrepreneurs to start at the beginning, for example, to prepare a number of corresponding hardware facilities to ensure the normal operation of mobile applications; application out how long will appear competitors, improve the speed will be faster than themselves the competitor’s product, should be how to deal with this situation? This needs entrepreneurial put more energy and resources in product rapid iteration and core business operation, ensure the market competitiveness of products than similar products in the. founding team mostly lack of funds, lack of resources, lack of manpower. How can we ensure that the limited resources of the circumstances, do more things? This requires entrepreneurs to be good at social division, the non core and important business, make the third party service provider to the market more mature support. is a APP from the development, online, burst, and then to the stationary phase, is roughly the following process: the completion of product development, the need for various tests of the products, including compatibility testing, performance testing, function testing and so on, if the team is testing the independent, first need,

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