Internet banking today

Internet banking today, has not been any new vocabulary, P2P, PayPal, micro channel payment, the congregation raised Many of these people have for having heard it many times. Most people are accustomed to the third party payment, baby financial management, P2P, to raise the public to raise equally, that they are the different forms of Internet banking. But in Liu Kuang view, today’s Internet banking platform, the line has not been so obvious, Internet banking is beginning to cross , such as in the domestic Internet banking market, in fact, the biggest platform is the balance of treasure this baby financial products. Whether it is to pay treasure and other thirdparty payment, or the traditional banking platform, they are in ecological layout of various financial products for the Internet, Internet banking king in the future must belong to ecological! In fact, the Internet is the financial layout of the game has long been quietly. one, Alipay self ecological mentioned the recent internet banking event of what the most fire, many people may think of the latest version of PayPal 9, PayPal is building a financial scene ecology. Taobao all raise in pay treasure among the new version, for the first time access
Mens Hardaway III Shoes Green Black to the, Taobao to raise the public has been attention to raise public goods, but shortly before the payment treasure announces to public equity raised platform ant duck is likely with Taobao all chips go hand in hand, together form the PayPal to raise public portfolio. p and in financial services products currently pay treasure has launched a balance of treasure, move the treasure, treasure and other entertainment dries financial products, and also launched a credit sesame, ant flower chant, ants by chanting and other series of Internet credit financial products, internet bank network bank also in active preparation, a huge internet financial ecological Empire prototype has begun to take shape. There is no doubt that the advantage of the financial ecological Empire around the Alipay is very obvious: p advantage: PayPal went today to the longterm prosperity, with the layout of the Ali vast electricity supplier system and online and offline is inseparable. One, Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba wholesale with millions of businesses have put the margin on Alipay platform; two, the user through the Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba platform to buy any goods through Alipay transactions; three, in addition to the current domestic Alipay does not support Jingdong Shopping Mall, Suning Tesco etc. a few of the platform, almost all other business platform, group purchase platform, O2O trading platform will access PayPal; four, currently in the overseas market also has many businesses access Alipay payment payment, Bao Ye has scored South Korea, Japan and other countries the market; five, pay treasure online payment arrangement in an orderly, one of the most intense than drops fast payment war, offline payment will also be paid support for new. advantage two: PayPal as the largest third party payment platform, the number of active users Alipay wallet has exceeded 270000000, the mobile payment market accounted for more than 80%

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