in the past year

in the past year, the concept of speculation around the Internet has been almost crazy, whether it is a business people are eager to use this concept to fight a battle, many people have seen the changes in the Internet, but there is no real experience of the Internet for traditional industries change. if this is this is the best time, and the worst of times, the Internet era is selfevident, the traditional newspaper and television broadcast media, the impact of the Internet is huge. p in the United States there have been a lot of newspaper media choose to sell or close down, such as the Washington Post and the New York Times, once renowned media, and in China’s traditional media, if still rest on its laurels, that problem will be faced with more difficult that since it is so, then, how to change? How to choose to face this challenge? new media let everyone have the right to say in the past few decades, the media’s right to discourse has only remained in the hands of large institutions, large media, especially
Mens Nike Terra Sert Navy White Orange in China, the whole of the news is relatively concentrated in the country, the lack of personal information can be transmitted. The arrival of the new media era, along with the role of social media tools to make the main microblogging, second shot, become the important carrier of the value of the user’s transmission, dissemination of news events. social media tools to make the event almost as bad news, and for more users, they have the right to participate in the news, share information, for the past time has been silent for the user, this is a chance to turn right. if we are alone in a social product of a certain event analysis, we can clearly see the micro Bo as the representative of social tools for the impact of traditional media is huge. The traditional media microblog era initiative to change micro blog from the birth of social attributes and the use of social attributes, and training of the media properties, so that it is easy to be seen from the birth to the development of traditional media as a thorn in the eyes. because of the micro blog, social tools in the timeliness, interactive, participation, diffusion, social, have reached the peak, which is the most important change in the new media era. p in fact in the Chinese media in the face of shocks initiative to change the fastest still is the traditional media giant, after all, in human, material and financial resources advantage let them easily in the face of such a challenge to make a deal, because respond to changes in the behavior is not surprising, important is they in the face of shocks that makes a person worthy of consideration. to two sessions, for example, we from several traditional media giants in the microblogging and other social tools to find their response to changes and self innovation. this is the people’s Daily, a micro blog, in the past, the reader for people.

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