in the country

in the country, to bring these two words, many people may be issued a sigh. For primary and secondary school education, students’ parents’ general reaction is a word tired; and for college education, more people’s feeling is four words waste time. It takes a hundred years, education, for a country, a nation, is the foundation of prosperity. for how to reform education in junior history, he is thin, not dare to speak. But as a former educational institutions practitioners. Today the Internet practitioners, Liu Kuang want to simply with everybody to speak freely about the domestic online education market present situation and the existing problems, the future of online education in the end of the way? online education, the focus of the giant and the capital crazy chase education and medical care is generally considered the future of the Internet industry in the future two of the most concerned areas. Ali Baba Ma Yun on the education industry is a plus, in last year’s World Internet Conference, Ma Yun said the education industry is the first investment in the next ten years alibaba. Last year by the investment of Alibaba VIPABC online education received
Mens Nike All Stars Shoes Grey Black up to $100000000 in financing, became the largest online education last year, a financing. And in early 2013 online Taobao classmates, just on the line near attracted is German institutions, view, education of Shanghai and other global ecampus hundreds of educational institutions settled. compared to Ali, Baidu in the education and expansion of the more rapid. In the last month of the 13 day, just Baidu Hujiang network invested $100000000. Previously, Baidu also invested in the main entrance examination of the science of education, the wisdom of the network, education sharing platform transfer lesson network. Baidu itself has launched the Baidu education, homework and other platforms, and in 2015 began to reach a strategic cooperation with the school education. Learning big education is currently a very educational institution with internet genes, overwhelmed by Baidu’s strong entrance advantages will be a big one. as one of the BAT Tencent, the face of Ali, Baidu’s action, the nature can not be without. Last year, Tencent has a lowkey online Tencent classroom, and with the largest international education and training institutions to jointly set up a new joint venture established online education company. In addition, Lei Jun YY ho throw 10 billion yuan investment 100 education, Chen Yizhou everyone shot stake in online education platform million university, Netease capital strategic investment 91 net foreign teachers. At the same time, Netease also launched a Youdao online education platform, traditional education and training institutions Xueersi also launched the online educational products, the future. a giant, capital, traditional education and training institutions to compete is madness. Not only that, a large number of online education is also a Venture Company, according to statistics, since 2013, an average of 2.6 online education company was born every day. crazy lost, online education companies have the

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