in O2O mode under the initiative

in O2O mode under the initiative, classified information, electricity providers, automotive media platform will reach the secondhand car business. At present enters to the companies in this field very much, to bat, small to start startups, the situation of letting a hundred schools of thought contend in the spring and Autumn period. p from the beginning of last year, capital for the used car business is like a magic, the car without sorrow, the car easily beat, all car secondhand car trading platform have access to capital of the pro gaze, is because of the intervention of the capital, the secondhand car trading platform began to be gruff Choi, in capital to promote a reign of secondhand car business melee just started. classification information website, want to share a piece of the second half of 2014, the two major domestic classifieds site 58 city and Ganji have announced the development of secondhand car key. In January of this year, the domestic information website also announced that the people’s network also announced the D round of financing $100000000, the investment will be mainly used for the people’s net used car business. For c
Mens Dwight Howard Shoes White Black Stripelassified information website, they desperately need new profit models to expand his, like when 58, market both influx to buy. As information service platform, they still have certain advantages. p first, there are a large number of individual owners, dealers will be through 58, net of go to market, people network to publish their own want to sell secondhand vehicle information, the classified information website before the secondhand car trading has accumulated a certain user base. second, for the classification of information sites, traffic is their relative to a clear advantage of the pure used car trading platform. With the help of other information services provided by the classification information website, but also for the used car transaction diversion. third, because the used car transaction is more suitable for O2O model, the classification of information site itself has to provide information on the line, the line of business models also occupy a considerable advantage. however, although the classification of information sites in the used car O2O has certain advantages, but whether they can do a good job of secondhand car trading, Liu Kuang or feel a certain concern. concerns a: used car trading is not just a simple line to provide information on the line to complete the transaction, there is a very important part of the middle is a secondhand car assessment. And this for the classification of information sites, although they will provide assessment monitoring, but after all, is not their expertise, customers can more clearly see the inherent problems of the used car is indeed a bit worried. concerns two: classification information website is to help customers choose the car, but the service is more important for the used car. Very not easy to buy a used car, how long it can run is also a place where customers are very worried. p concerns 3: classification information website provides the secondhand vehicle information amount is too large, most of them are distributor of advertising information, give a person a kind of ichthyosaurs mixed

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