in China Olympic delegation in London to create magic

in China Olympic delegation in London to create magic, one from the Chinese magic website is suffering from a painful torment. In August 8th, 58 city business development center vice president Xu Yuanhong was confirmed to say goodbye with the club, all reports refer to related 58 process of market disruption. To put it bluntly, this is the money thing, listed in order to financing, financing may be the reason behind the venture capital to exit, are also more likely to be 58 really short of money. But no matter what kind of May, is not good news. to say, the 58 city that a fantastic website is not Yang Xiaomi students on TV called out, in fact its behind has a strong background. The 58 city in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 58 were $5000000, $40000000, $15000000, $60000000 more rounds of financing. It stands to reason that so many financial support has been enough to prop up the 58 city magic. However, since last year, served as CFO in multi listing Corporation and quasi listing Corporation Zhou Hao landed 58 city, 58 city IPO road is not smooth. In fact, before 58, Youku, thunder, grand and Chinese concept stocks have IPO and frustration, 58 still follow, intention is of course that repair wallet. and Jingdong, Youku and other Chinese Internet companies are not the same, the 58 city since its birth is based on the classification of information, free of charge for users to publish information platform for since its┬ábirth facing money brings challenges to survive. Through the consumption of integral achieve the information refresh, sticky, advertising and other valueadded services, is the 58 city basic routines. However, these did not get on the 58 city before the financing, forming an adequate return. As in the 58 city is mainly responsible for the company’s overall public relations business cooperation and the departure of Xu Yuanhong, the 58 city of internal management strategy mistakes be re created, classified information of its old business, showing flawed. earlier there is a lot of media exposure, in 58 city and agent cooperation model, the 58 city commitment to agents 60% flow into did not fully materialize. Whether true or not, the agents grievances but like a bomb, in the city of 58 the agency system has formed a huge impact. Damaged the credibility of the 58 city, was wild rumors began to receive business, to maintain their substantial content. follow the 7000 all for sale for the first oriented person sales team will review the information basic work aside, directly to merchants uneven quality, life service information content is messy, one night stand information spread out of the news as continuous bombs followed. And more important, the 58 city pushing the secondhand security transaction exists various defects in the transaction between the two sides play only contacts, no security role, far less than the Taobao and 5173 such transactions do not exhort. It is also based on this, from the beginning of 2011 users of

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