in another aspect of his profound understanding of the East

in the United States to eat plum while thinking plum to the United States after I buy Nike air foamposite one the discovery, in the supermarket and fruit stalls, a variety of Chinese did not see or rare fruit varieties, one of the signs on the written plum, which is the Chinese word plum. Chinese people like to eat peach. However, Americans seem to prefer plum, after their improvement, plum tall, many varieties, sweet and juicy, and dried plums, is indeed cheap and fine. There is an old saying China dependents peach, apricot wounding, plum buried the dead. This is a saying, do not see it what the scientific basis, but only because the Chinese ancestors handed down the sentence doggerel, plum is unpopular in China, few people eat, growers have also lost confidence, few people introduction or to improved varieties. Today, the Chinese market sales of Li Ziduo for foreign imports. p how many Chinese people eat the plum eventually buried in the tree, there had never been an exact figure, in real life, really eat the plum was buried in the case, but it is not China, but China’s neighbors Japan. Why is it that the Japanese eat the plum after being buried i
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes Gary Silver Oranget? This is because the plum in addition to the plum this specific meaning, there is another Abstract meaning. Like apples, bananas are specific, fruit is an abstract, in English, plum specifically refers to the plum, abstract as the sweet meaning. in China, I love Nike air foamposite pro many people familiar with the introduction of Japan’s book is chrysanthemum and the sword, through the book is also known to the author of the book American Benedict. Chinese people often think of Benedict as China’s Dai Jitao, the chrysanthemum and the sword is equivalent to Dai Jitao’s theory of Japan. In fact, many of Benedict’s conclusions are wrong, China’s Zhou Zuoren, Zhang Taiyan and so on, Japan’s grasp on her. The people of Europe and the United States are inferior, all things as long as the conclusion
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Blake Griffin Shoes Men Online Sale and Europe, in the eyes of many people in the East who immediately became the truth, at least close to the truth. Such as Chinese people today known as Harvard University Professor Vogel, he is now touted as China experts, in Nike Air Max Sale For kids the past, he has with the publication of Japan the world’s first and painted Japan expert, China and Japan, he in the United States is considered to be Oriental experts. According to reports, his Chinese and Japanese are I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women just beginning to learn to write a doctoral thesis in Japan in the 60’s, Japanese, what good Chinese to what extent can make nothing of it become Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men famous in Japan, but his name is Vogel, in China is Fu Gao Yi, not the same
Blake Griffin Shoes Women Online Sale name itself in the East two countries, in another aspect of his profound understanding of the East, he captured the Oriental Foreign psychology, and his grasp of Chinese and Japan’s performance in his works, as manifested in his strong desire and motivation of writing, I like Nike foamposite one he wrote the book by the Nuggets, he works in the cheap blasted Japan and Chinese, even though many of these books is wrong, but even in Japan has been pursued, which he gave the Oriental plum.