if your enterprise micro blog marketing is still in the assessment of the amount of fans

if your enterprise micro blog marketing is still in the assessment of the amount of fans, forwarding quantity, then you have out! More and more business enterprises start to upgrade their own UV, PV values, as well as ROI. Jingdong Mall and Sina Weibo marriage started from, microblogging is no longer just people pointing Jiangshan jiyangwenzi land, also quickly become business marketing a great tool. at present, many electricity suppliers have opened up a new battlefield in the micro blog, the 2 media undoubtedly bear the dual function of brand display and sales. The microblogging platform is increasingly becoming a business enterprise to sell more popular marketing tool. Following the launch of the in Jingdong Mall and Sina Weibo microblogging, many ecommerce companies are not subsequently, have to take measures, according to November 15th news, good music to buy and Tencent microblogging cooperation launched the micro store, the first step in social marketing practice. This means that the era of micro electricity suppliers in full. Tencent microblogging less than two years, has attracted more than 100000000 users registered as one of the most popular social platform. Good mus
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Silver Redic to buy cooperation with Tencent is also based on this. In the face of good music to buy Tencent micro Bo can receive a good effect of the question, good music to buy CEO Li Shubin said, ‘the’ micro store is a new type of social marketing approach. Its user stickiness is relatively high, microblogging users through forwarding, comments good music to buy products, on the one hand can be purchased directly
http://www.mengdi.org/news/html/?89698.html to improve the volume of good music to buy, on the other hand can also enhance the brand exposure of good music to get more active users. p it is reported that good music to buy with Tencent micro stores launched a price broadcast subsidizing the marketing, in the price of broadcast mechanism to stimulate, converse neutral classic vulcanized shoes series 101001 CTAs ox commercial press before the deadline has accumulated by thousands of Tencent microblogging users broadcast 1239, cumulative lowering the price of $90.00, fell as much as 47.62%, 50 pieces of goods only 5 hours is sold out. this Tencent micro shopping feature electricity suppliers launch, through the combination of Tencent electricity suppliers platform and micro payment platform, with the strong relationship between 310000000 Tencent micro blog users chain system, the enterprise traditional micro blog marketing to micro blog management, prompting the company’s Micro blog promotion more effective. Such a way is bound to make more and more ecommerce enterprises to enter the field of micro electronic business. pen Chou Zijun believes that the ultimate goal of corporate social marketing is to drive social management, and ultimately generate sales. For electric business enterprise, whether it is through the portal, search, or advertising bombing, and ultimately to improve the sales conversion rate, Tencent micro shopping feature in the brand, interactive, sales and other multi dimensional enterprise marketing demands can effectively reach, the traditional social marketing ideas and practice a new upgrade. Believe that the near future of ecommerce and micro blog may be integrated into a new electronic business model micro electricity suppliers.

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