if the Democratic Progressive Party DPP in the Legislative Yuan more than half

rating agency, Taipei, 1 month 8 , a commentator Lin Shuling Taiwan Presidential election after being elected on the day of the month 1 16 will have up to four months guard period, a record for the longest in the history. Heard Ma Ying Jeou’s tendency to implement the majority cabinet the spirit, if the Democratic Progressive Party DPP in the Legislative Yuan more than half, by the DPP a constitutional precedent. on the other hand, Cai Yingwen, chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party in the confirmation message, the great tension. She is excited and criticized the KMT, Ma YingJeou is finally I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women doing politics and elections, very She stressed that the Premier appointment is the power of the president, no favoritism. this system any conversion, to as unclear responsibilities and rights, political chaos. problem: in charge of Taiwan’s Cai Yingwen Ma YingJeou was refused to send the door to the cabinet right? first,
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Womens Nike Free 4.0 V3 140822078 right to form a cabinet, is actually a hot potato to Cai Yingwen. From this a few concerns Cai Yingwen Ma YingJeou dished out the visible right cabinet. First, Tsai ing Wen if winning the election, from the 1 16 victory, to 2 I love Nike air foamposite pro 1 Congress road is only two weeks, half a month to dozens
http://lovedreams.cn/news/html/?2005.html of Ministers
Nike Free 4.0 Women Shoes Online Sale leveling, convert the political policy, drive too. If I like Nike foamposite one Cai Yingwen hasty cabinet, did not do a good job, on the one hand bootmen, will face Tofu pudding. After the election to the annihilation of the gas has not disappeared under the condition, the possibility of revenge is too high in disarray. And, the president 520 or Ma Ying Jeou, on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, defence and foreign affairs are still Ma Ying Jeou responsibilities. If the courts of the rival, the DPP also worry about horse will I buy Nike air foamposite one exert little means. second, Cai Yingwen once victory, her first big project will is stability across the Strait, between the America
Nike Free 4.0 V3 Women Shoes Online Sale will play a role, or will be under the mediation of the Washington produce four noes and one without 2.0 , mutatis mutandis, Chen Shui Bian 2000 model years. The In addition, Cai may also through other ways to communicate with the mainland of goodwill. If the two sides did not fix, Nike Air Max Sale For kids Cai Congcong busy is in 2 month, a new on the road immediately to the processing trade goods, land Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men passenger transit, regulations on both sides of the agreement, and the risk is very high. third, Ma YingJeou will not be before the end of the 520 to grasp the final term of office to continue to promote crossstrait peace and development project? The possibility is not small. If