I have a story about the integration of network marketing

I have a story about the integration of network marketing, through this story we can more intuitive understanding of the essence of the concept. has an enterprise, put the money to build a new business website. A month after the new official website to complete the online. However, the number of new sites is not much traffic, and businesses on the official website of the very high expectations. So they find a network marketing company or team to do ZhengZhan optimization, but also to the problem. ‘s new official website although has a very high user experience, security and other performance is also very good, but the station when the pressure has not considered the problem of optimization After the SEO business team to persevere and struggle, and spent a lot of time, the official website of the company’s official website has finally been significantly improved. But now it is too early to be happy, the company in charge of the Department found that the new official website of the daily average number of visits, although very high, but the conversion rate is not matching. How to return a responsibility? Through the transfer of access data comparison analysis, enterprises found that the new site has many traffic from all kinds of smart mobile devices, but because the new official website not to deploy mobile dev
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Lunar Yellow Black Blueices to browse optimization measures for, leading to users with access to the smartphone experience is very poor, jump out rate is very high. Naturally, the conversion rate from the mobile terminal to access the user has become very poor, resulting in the overall conversion rate. After the discovery of the problem, the company
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/discover-the-comfort-with-maximum-style-slide-in-this-pair-of-running-shoes-nike-australia.html has begun to actively seek to provide its mobile terminal official website construction and deployment of units, but found a number of companies known to be good at the relevant business units are found due to the problem of a variety of software, their mobile terminal official website and the existing site data br the story’s ending is open, generally good ending is monkfish in this enterprise, finally the Herculean effort in pay a hefty price later, finally found a very professional institutions issued a set of solutions to engage properly everything. But at this point, the initial decision to deploy a new business website has been close to a year. p this a series of work required input is selfevident, and since after website construction is finished formally launched until finally mobile official website deployed, during the let go in vain to customers and business and how much? lack of integration of the concept of network marketing services, will result in the results as a result of the above. Then, by virtue of the the core concept, the more efficiently complete the above demands the enterprise it? Here, I to Jindo marketing in the face have similar business demands of customers when will be able to provide system services, to enable all image understanding what is called integrated marketing network. p first, based on the enterprise the original establishment of the appeal, Jindo marketing team will provide us the most advanced TSite website services to meet customer needs, customized a new official website. TSite system uses BS architecture, using WEB2.0 technology. Compared with the traditional site software, completely subvert the previous website construction ideas,

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