; I and Guangxi for introduced essay contest for university students in Guangxi recently

; I and Guangxi for introduced essay contest for university students in Guangxi recently, general secretary Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao and Disposable e cigarette other party and state leaders to visit college students in an important speech, expressing the central leadership of the employment situation of college students, but also issued a call
to encourage college students to go to the countryside, to go to the grassroots, to encourage students to start their E-CIGARETTE CHINA own business. br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; this is the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China, the socialist economy construction of our country is entering a span type development critica
l period of history, the economic construction of Guangxi is ushered in unprecedented opportunities and in rural and small and mediumsized enterprises need a lot of talent. Guangxi 200 million college students are the future pillars of Guangxi, Guangxi, Hot E Cig kits
they are full of passion, always ready to devote to the development and construction of the home. , strong Second, to the theme of the essay his amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; the heart, Guangxi counterparts; numerous students and serve the country. To Guangxi’s economic construction experience, participants, experience, beneficiaries of
the observer, a unique perspective, from different locations, different perspectives, different sides, different levels, different industries, experience, observation, experience, research, analysis ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Guangxi economic development opportunities and challenges, to express to the hometown, the motherland a better future of enthusiasm, witness the historical opportunities
for the development E-CIG CHINA of Guangxi, to their views reveal the economic development of ASEAN Free Trade Zone, farreaching impact on the college students’ employment and entrepreneurship development strategy of Guangxi Mechanical Mod and RDA Beibu Gulf, put forward how to participate in the economic construction of Guangxi, how the employment and Entrepreneurship of new methods, new thinking, new trends. three, requirements