Hunan Satellite TV announced its future program no longer and other new media cooperation

p today, Hunan Satellite TV announced its future program no longer and other new media cooperation, all mango TV play, euphemistically called to create their own video brand, copyright protection shall not without authorization in cooperation with new media. And this year the world cup, CCTV is not open to any video site broadcast rights, but only through their own CNTV network play. And paranoia, is likely to mean that the Zhejiang TV, Jiangsu TV brands TV are likely to follow, a stone stirred Melaleuca waves, various incoming sound, and more is pessimistic voices. p in the past period of time the net many American TV and homemade play off the assembly line, to today, Hunan Satellite TV announced retreat to fight alone, it seems, China’s domestic video website ushered in the darkest hour, actually affected is not only video site, as well as portals, and on every possible use the Department of broadcasting video of all kinds of Internet platform, including mobile interconnection platform. who is who do Internet video counter attack p to bear the brunt, in addition to the portal, full of the video website of a lot of video collection, subject to the greatest impact is hard for decades b
Mens Nike Air Foamposite One Size US 14.15 Sky Blueack to the night before liberation. Actually, too, when similar to the Jiangsu TV do not sincere Zhejiang TV, the voice of China, Hunan Satellite TV happy camp the strong program, and all kinds of television Toupai TV dramas have in all kinds of video website is released, tens of millions of click, to the website and television are a powerful hormone, buried under the deep hidden danger. from the Internet perspective, good content, bring traffic, massive video collection, become a big entrance, smart TV this year has already begun with the living room entrance opportunity, who all know, with the development of Internet, information simply can not meet the needs of users, who mastered the more comprehensive in the video, the future of the Internet market to seize the opportunity, and have the opportunity to become the new BAT, in fact, so is the development of video website, everywhere from pirated video, to buy genuine copyright, and then to the micro film era, and now the pattern of competition, in addition to playing video site video platform, also began to play the identity of the media, first from making to entertainment news, are tried, although these interviews are no socalled documents, belong to but did not affect the performance of his media properties. if all satellite TV to stop the video site copyright licensing, no program content of the video site, of course, a huge loss. From the top of the channel can be clearly seen in the Youku video without the consequences of television support: p TV series: no domestic drama, although the old remake and foam series are popular, but fortunately we have TVB and selfmade drama, does not rule out future with selfmade drama television CO produced 2. amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; variety: 80 must be from the era of Wu Zong Xian network variety show looked back the domestic

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