How to drive a car beauty shop in town or country

How to drive a car beauty shop in town or country? the township or village to open a car beauty shop in the end line? Can you make money? Is to go the way of joining the chain, or do they start from scratch more costeffective? For these problems, Decheng Automobile beauty national chain investment experts made the following analysis to us. The first point: the car is essential condition. Want to open car beauty shop
in the countryside, there is a point of the necessary conditions: it is more than a car. If there is no car or car traffic is very few, then I think that no one would think of such a place to open the car beauty shop, which is the most basic conditions for car beauty shop. How to drive a car beauty shop in town or country? Now with the increasing number of rural towns,
the potential is good. Second point: the car’s grade can not be too low, middle or low, medium or high, the most appropriate. Automotive beauty shop in the countryside, the class of the stores may not too luxurious, generally if more secure in the township or country jiameng store choice Decheng business shop. The total investment of 36800 yuan of business service of the crowd is Mechanical Mod and RDA to open the car owners. Positioning to be accurate, if the lowgrade and
highgrade cars accounted for the mainstream, it may be your car beauty shop will be caught in a dilemma dilemma. Only positioning in the service midrange car, only to have a wider market and a greater feasibility. At present, the number of rural or Township car market, the midrange car also accounted for the mainstream. Third points: do car beauty charges can not be too high, can not be too low, moderate the best. In rural areas or villages and towns to open car beauty shop, not more
than the big cities of beauty shop, rent, labor costs and other costs are high. Relatively low rent in rural areas, car beauty mechanic or car wash workers and other labor costs are relatively small. Therefore, the beauty of the decoration can not be higher than the city’s fees. However, because of the location of the election in the countryside or towns, a lot of the surrounding area may not be competitive. Then, the fee can not be too low. Selection in the medium price is appropriate. Fourth points: Service continuous improvement, beauty decoration technology excellence. In rural areas or villages and towns to open car beauty shop, there is a part of the flow of customers, but a large part of the stability of customers. And in the countryside ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA or town shop also has a good is if your reputation is good, it may nearby owners will be attracted. A pass 10, 10 pass 100, while rural and township of vehicle ownership may not than the city, but there’s a lot of competition in urban, rural and township is a broader space for development. How to drive a car
beauty shop in town or country? If the business a few years Hot E Cig kits of continuous development, take the rural areas surrounding E-CIGARETTE CHINA the city line is not a bad idea. Fifth point: if you do not know the beauty of decorative technology, the best choice for the chain jia. If you want to open a car beauty shop, but will not technology, this is the best way to join, you can save time and take many Disposable e cigarette detours. E-CIG CHINA Let you open up as soon as possible to the beauty shop, as soon as possible, as soon as possible the proceeds. 36800 yuan Decheng Automobile beauty chain to union shop business investment, headquarters and distribution of open car decorative beauty shop for goods, tools, equipment and headquarters is free site location assessment, free