. High speed needs the support of high skilled personnel

Original title: "workers" Academician Li Wanjun: i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes on China’s Xinhua news agency, Changchun dream the speed of craftsmen, April 30 (Xinhua) (reporter Yao Shi) torch bright blue dye dust, issued to the atmosphere, "grand skill Award" and a number of invention and Innovation Award Li Wanjun, today is still torch in production line, with consummate skill build the most safe and reliable Chinese made high-speed train. Five one Olympic medals, because now take the torch, in the absence of relaxation, in earnest, efforts. 1987 month 19 in the love and devotion of weapons, Li Wanjun graduates assigned to the Changchun bus factory workshop welding groove age occupation. With 2300 degrees of flame spray welding, will instantly melt steel. In the hot summer, the welder car radiator, brake cylinder, the spark of the workshop, smoke filled, sound, taste spicy. Wrapped in thick canvas work buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online clothes, buckle welded closed, Li Wanjun in the smoke filled the air, the workers will be. A year later, when he entered the buy air max shoes online 28 partner of the factory, 25 of the work. i like air max shoes Li Wanjun La. Master said, the child is sticky, ask questions to ask too thin. Factory welding 100 cans
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Mens Lebron James 13 Shoes 160111094month. He always welded 20; the factory in 2 years of work wear, he wore four or five sets of one year. In the second year of the factory, Li Wanjun won the skills competition in the workshop. 1997. He first in Changchun railway company on behalf of the Changchun City contest welders, although is the youngest player, welding method, welding 33, first in the bag. Then, often with unit welding
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http://igrice.cc/profile/clavewave3 and more high art Li Wanjun experts learn, and successfully obtained, carbon steel, stainless steel, welding qualification certificate, and the other six international welder (technicians), a multifunctional welder. 20 meters away, only to hear the sound of welding, Li Wanjun determine the voltage and current size, welding quality, weld width, is absolutely correct. Soon, Li Wanjun little known, at the top of the plant life, found buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online that he was still alive. One year, the plant has been cracking, water gushing out of water, production can not be normal. In maintenance, when the welding pressure welding, is a pop-up experience of teachers, do not know. The director of the workshop came to Li Wanjun. He carefully observed, repeatedly pondering, welding in the screw port, so that gas discharge, to solve the problem. Until today, Li Wanjun popular jingle often refer to the factory, from a distance, like fleeing, a closer look like a beggar, in part of the tank look carefully. Li Wanjun said welding machine is a very bitter very tired work, i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes is in the only love interest, dedication love throwing caution to the wind, so
Lebron James Shoes that sublimation technology. Chief engineer heritage skills and spirit, in a short span of 6 years, the Chinese high-speed rail built 250 km / h, 350 km, 380 km three jump". High speed needs the support of high skilled personnel, Li Wanjun voluntary to teach skills, skills transfer. 2013, the top three of the Li Wanjun gate welder in Changchun city competition. This work has become an apprenticeship, technical personnel, senior technicians and technicians, in the production of high-speed railway. 200 dreams