herding Shenzhen station you group friendly

herding Shenzhen station you group friendly, I’m glad we come together today. You just did a self introduction, men and women, old and young, all walks of life, warm like one family Beijing in accordance with the herd of the Party group of friends experience, asked a question of me most is: why do you have to build the sheep? Why? You look around the table, you know why. is the kind of Baotuan heating, the warm feeling. To my readers together, let everyone know each other, each other, is itself a herd the most basic goal, and the future will have the opportunity to start the online and offline activities, for the national progress and social transition to do some contributions, is our higher goal. In between, there are too many things to do, such as charity, culture industry company. of course, the Internet, various group Party innumerable, but like this have read my articles, I agree to pursue the idea, basic approve of my way of doing things, not. Speaking of my ideas and ways of doing things, I have turned the conversation to. What is my idea of needless to say, our own behind closed doors, I can’t be too polite, these years China should also not than I wrote more, more suitable for ordinary people to read to promote freedom, democracy and rule of law idea of the article. Go on the road in Beijing, often have common passersby rushed to communicate with me, today is not a Shenzhen group of friends, is also not long ago in Shenzhen Metro recognized me and got to know each other? Did not come today? What is the way I do? This is more complex, especially in these days, I often encountered some criticism and even attack, they questioned my idea, more doubt my way of doing things, some of which I support learning general this government is not understand, that I bought, licking the chrysanthemum, well, first to admit, this is a progress. By the time of Mao Zedong, who dare not lick chrysanthemum. But for me as a independent writer, this argument is not too fair, even itself exposed their ignorance and narrow, because most of the people who say this, and not carefully read my articles, nor with my readers. some of the democratic idea only have a onesided view, know some fur, they detest the world and its ways. The wrong, I group of friends of the herd the most basic requirement is not detest the world and its ways, be constructive. I write my heart is my writing motto, since I can criticize, of course, can also be praised, can support, then, what do I support learning always the leader? I support learning general anticorruption, support for his reform. I think it can help to promote the transformation of the society, it is also beneficial to the transformation of Chinese rule of law, freedom and democracy. I did not put their hopes in a leader who, when China really go that day a fork in the road, I have my own direction, but now it seems, corruption and reform are good, at least as I

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