Health reminds a year of spring

Health reminds a year of spring, spring is the best time for all things to grow, the body’s metabolism is also the same. After the winter of recuperation, the immune function of human body spring will gradually repair, so the liver. In winter cold and
Cheap Kids Air Jordan 13 Shoes From China less dynamic, accumulated a lot of fat, spring with cells of the germinal, nutritional needs, material metabolism will increase, the liver of decomposition and synthesis, detoxification, and other functions will be significantly increased, if under control, there will be stagnation of liver qi, anger Wang. Anger rises to the leader, will appear dizziness, headache, insomnia, irritability, irritability, and even uncontrollable emotions. Clearly, the liver is indeed the spring should be a good care of the organs. Spring breeze blowing irascibility is inevitable of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the unity of man and nature, the nature of the climate change will affect the person’s mental state or cause a number of diseases.
Cheap Kids Jordan 6 Rings Shoes From China Four, spring is a wood, because spring all things, and the growth of the i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes wood is similar. The five internal organs, the liver is wood, wood character is to stretch, not inhibited, so the spring Qi hyperactivity. If winter maintenance is not buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online good, stagnation of heat in the spleen and stomach, liver and kidney deficiency into spring will feel more liver Qi Wang, is upset, insomnia, irritab
Kids Air Jordan 13 KJ1305ility, dry eyes, even a slight sense of vertigo. Chinese medicine believes that the vertigo from the blooddeficiency wind stirring of liver will cause dizzy. Vertigo throughout the year are likely to occur, but spring episodes of vertigo is more typical, in addition to buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online dizziness, often will be accompanied by and irascibility flourishing associated with discomfort, such as pain in the head, dry eyes, irritability, easily excited, mouth pain, dry throat, poor sleep, dream, sometimes numbness of hands and feet, always feel sleepy. If you already have some of the discomfort, it is better to make the following adjustments in a timely manner, to maintain a good injured liver. Yanggan principle 1 lying less station lay down much less stand is not a requirement for you and the bed was like peas i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes and carrots, can lie down does not sit, but to ensure the normal sleep duration, and the appropriate amount of exercise. The fast pace of modern life, work pressure, attractive and mobile phones and other electronic devices, stay i like air max shoes up all night to become commonplace, many people often morning three or four o’clock still brush friends circle during the day but kept sleepy. This Yin and Yang reversed habits of life for the liver damage is particularly serious. People who stay up late the next day the eyes are red. In fact, this is manifestation of the liver fire rising, stay up late occasionally on the liver damage is less obvious, but if so buy air max shoes online long, will inevitably hurt liver. The ancients have mastered the related sleep and corresponding liver. The Yellow Emperor on the record:
Cheap Kids Jordan Spizike Shoes From China people lie blood to liver, that spring should night lying to get up early. Modern medical research confirmed that sleep when the blood flow into the liver is standing 7 times. Flows through the liver blood flow increase, is conducive to enhancing the function of liver cells, improve the ability to detoxify, and speed up the protein, amino acids, sugars, fat, vitamins and other nutrients metabolism, and maintain the stability of internal environment. The longer the sleep, the better it is for the liver? Also not so much. In general, teenagers and middleaged people sleep 8 hours a day. 60 years of age or older people can sleep 7 hours or so, 80 years of age or older people should sleep 89

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