has always been a highprofile Jingdong mall

has always been a highprofile Jingdong mall, behind the scenes is a crisis. From the news media said, Jingdong in 2010 as a stop off the COD service of the vast majority of county level city, involving good hundreds of cities. The original COD of the city has more than 600, now only 100. Although Jingdong keeps saying to self built logistics, and investment in the trunk and feeder transportation company or form a stem and lateral transport fleet, to deal with Jingdong Mall growing goods distribution pressure. Is there any money in the pocket of Jingdong? perhaps some people will say that the book is not less than 1 billion of the fund’s book store. As everyone knows, these 10 billions of funds, is the pressure of the supplier’s payment. Citing media reports, the current Jingdong is likely to have been in the previous three rounds of financing to the accounts of the money to burn. Insiders have a sum of accounts for Jingdong: Jingdong average gross margin of about 5%, the amount of losses can account for 10% of sales, in 2010 sales of 10000000000 Yuan Jingdong projections, 2010 Jingdong’s loss of about 1000000000 yuan, while in accordance with Jingdong sales of 4000000000 yuan last year, the amount will not be less than 400000000 yuan last year. Two years of losses of more than $200000000, thr
Mens Scotty Pippin Shoes Black Whiteee financing all burn light. p since there is no sufficient funds, their investment in the construction of logistics center or investment trunk and feeder transportation company is building castles in the air. Liu Qiangdong also acknowledged that the logistics and distribution of the logistics and distribution of Jingdong growing. Jingdong Mall to shut down the vast majority of countylevel city of COD services, has been a precursor to the logistics aspects of
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-australia-will-improve-your-operation.html Jingdong Mall in the logistics. In the future, even if it is Jingdong Mall can once again financial capital, logistics will be a fatal injury Jingdong mall. although Jingdong Mall in 2010 received 10000000000 yuan in sales, but its main business camp is still limited in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other economically developed cities. With the depth of the Internet application, Jingdong business camp has expanded to two cities or three cities. However, if every two cities in the country to build their own logistics or transport companies, the cost of at least tens of billions of dollars. What’s more, now the profit of the two cities is not enough to maintain the operation of the logistics center. Because of this, most of the B2C site with the third party logistics cooperation to complete the distribution. p the Jingdong Mall is closed, most countylevel city of COD service. Part of the reason is self Jingdong Logistics destroyed the cooperative mode of these thirdparty courier companies, ruining the relationship with these companies. As is known to all, Jingdong Mall is made of home appliances, digital home, this product is very easy to squeeze in the transport process. It is understood that, due to a lot of Jingdong commodity in the delivery of the problem, the user refused to receive, and Jingdong Mall and do not agree to return, many third party logistics companies are in the hands of a number of return. The Spring Festival is the peak of the net purchase, Jingdong Mall is likely to worry about the third party logistics companies because of the backlog of goods Jingdong did not agree to return, and the purchase of the payment, so, in the Spring Festival, a high risk period, Jingdong Mall simply shut down the COD service. But this one

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