Guangxi news network Wuzhou August 28th correspondent Long Juncai Su Yibai hot August

Guangxi news network Wuzhou August 28th correspondent Long Juncai Su Yibai hot August, Cangwu County, the new County everywhere surging Disposable e cigarette tide. Recently, the author in Cangwu County, the new county public rental housing project site to see the site, the excavator is flat, construction workers are in the construction of drainage ditches. In the Hot E Cig kits county seat of the new road project site, more than 10 units of construction machinery and is busy cleaning operation table, the crop and plant soon is Mechanical Mod and RDA been dug, clearing the table work is rapidly advancing A good school schedule,
be in full swing to engage in the construction of the scene. And this is just a microcosm of the new County Construction in Cangwu. Recently, Cangwu county closely around the beginning of the new E-CIG CHINA construction projects started in September, the stage goal, to seize the favorable opportunity for the construction season, the focus of the project ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA started construction before the preparatory work. At present, the progress of the project has made a major breakthrough, is entering a comprehensive accelerated phase of construction. In the new county project construction headquarters, the author found that this year, the responsibility of the task list of the task list has been posted on the wall, each project has a clear responsibility, the completion of the time node, the current situation and the progress of the responsible units, responsible
person, etc County grassroots employment and social security service center project is doing geological exploration and land leveling, September 30 will be entering the construction; new county city public rental housing construction blocks ongoing bidding, October 10 will be entering the construction; county seat of the new road projects ongoing land clearing, in October will be entering the construction; County Comprehensive Archives and health supervision, prevention and treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma among the business premises, such as three projects will in October 20 recently started; the county seat of the new industrial and commercial
business with real and sand canal bridge project in November 30 recently started construction Behind the list of detail, is the county attaches great importance to the project construction, pay close attention to the focus of project progress. Around the new county project started this goal, the county adhere to a project, a set of personnel, a program, a grasp in the end, the work mode, the project related work is being carried out in an orderly manner, the basic can be in accordance with the requirements of the time node implementation of the list of projects, a part of the project has been started, made some progress. Cangwu county magistrate Xie Shangao believes that a clear set of each phase of the project, each critical link of the specific time node, while at the same time to implement the responsibility, regular supervision E-CIGARETTE CHINA and inspection, is the key to the new county project smoothly. According to the overall construction ideas of starting in 2014, 2015 acceleration, enter ’45’ after gradually mature, Cangwu county has according to the actual situation changes, timely to the county seat of the new project this year were re combing and scientific adjustment. Adjusted this year a total of 24 new County construction
projects, including continued construction projects 3, plans to start a new project 13, project 8, a total investment of 2.38 billion yuan, annual plans to invest the amount for 496.1 billion yuan. At the same time, a clear new county public rental housing, the county seat of the new roads, Cangwu stone bridge high school campus is the focus of this year’s construction of the project. In Cangwu stone bridge high school campus project site, the reporters saw the first 86 acres of the project with a list of table work has been
completed, the total length of 3000 meters of campus simple wall has been built up on the. Bureau of Cangwu County Bureau of education?