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good morning! Thank
Hardaway I Shoes Men Wholesale you for the nomination of the Medical Association, and thank you for your trust and support. As the first Dongguan City Medical Association Professional Committee Chairman of colorectal and anal, deeply shoulder heavy burden. Today, in medicine will be the leadership of the concern
Hardaway III Shoes Men Wholesale and support, colorectal and anal professional committee was finally established. This is a good thing, great
Hardaway V Shoes Men Wholesale rejoicing thing! Is a new milestone in the development of the city of colorectal and anal specialist, on the development of college plays a positive role in promoting. The establishment of the professional committee of colorectal anus is an academic platform for the medical staff to build a mutual learning and extensive exchange. At the same time, with the help of this platform, will strengthen and fraternal provinces and municipalities between cooperation and exchanges at any time to understand and grasp new trend of development of the specialty, so as to further improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of the city of colorectal and anal surgery, benefit to the patient. Dongguan City People’s Hospital anorectal Li Xingqian in the future, we will to carry forward the specialist academic, expand trade exchanges, enhance friendship between comrades, to serve the community for the purpose, in the medical leadership support, under the enthusiastic participation of members, we will
Mens Hardaway Shoes Cyan Black Whiteform a unity and orderly, truthseeking, enterprising good academic atmosphere. Let us work together to create brilliant! I wish you all good health! Thank you Anorectal now open 60 beds, is divided into two wards and soft economic lifeline. For the convenience of the patient medical treatment, with anorectal clinic in the first clinic hospital, red outpatient, and two outpatient department, and by the rich experience and treatment technology of high, serious and responsible doctors take turns visits. Department has a large cavity color Doppler ultrasound machines, electronic fiber colonoscopy, electronic colonoscopy, high frequency hemorrhoids treatment machine, electronic enema, TDP therapy and HeNe laser machines and other equipment for examination and treatment. Is about to introduce and develop rectal measured pressure and defecography and colonic transit test project, provide the basis for the diagnosis of the etiology for the majority of patients with constipation. Has a mature PPH prolapse of hemorrhoids, ligation, injection, under the microscope and other technologies, so that many patients from the pain of open surgery. In recent years receiving Province, both inside and outside the city and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan patients million passengers, to carry out a variety of operation and treatment of more than 8 thousand cases, in addition to the common and frequently occurring disease such as outside the painless treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal fistula, rectal polyps, colorectal cancer, nearly thousand cases of traumatic or functional fecal incontinence, chronic constipation, high complex anal fistula, severe mixed hemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis, children with imperforate anus, rectal vaginal fistula and postoperative, postpartum complications such as difficult operation and treatment were obtained excellent effect. Second, PPH is hemorrhoids resection and anastomosis, the operation is in recent years to carry out most, very mature technology of minimally invasive technology of, according to the latest technologies of the piles of the new concept of development, has been recognized by the majority of patients and medical staff. Mainly in the treatment of severe hemorrhoids patients with severe hemorrhoids, can reduce the maximum degree of postoperative bleeding, pain, recovery time is short, no complications and sequelae, etc Preserving anal cushion in the treatment of severe mixed hemorrhoids modified warm type operation, the advantages of this procedure is mainly postoperative anal function can be preserved, no anal stricture, incontinence and other complications, small trauma, less pain, postoperative nursing care is simple, no need to change medicine, wound paper