Golden blog evaluation level level points: access: 20160125 09:12:01 on Friday

Golden blog evaluation level level points: access: 20160125 09:12:01 on Friday, Ashare market rebound, but the morphology and the technology is not stable, but the weekend news facing the Spring Festival market slightly more favorable! It mainly displays in: last week, the global financial market and sat down on the round roller coaster, first, the global financial storm, until Thursday’s ECB president Mario Draghi began to release warmth, countries central mother they hit, soaring oil prices, global stock
Amare Stoudemire Shoes Men Wholesale market rebound in the global market. Reading 20160121 08:10:41 got up early in the morning, news browsing, bear diffuse gas estimated today’s Ashare but also by wind and frost! Look at the title has been quite scary: the world into a technical bear market! Oil price crash! The United States oil fell 6.7%, the lowest in more than 12 years of closing! U.S. stocks fell 1.2% sampp reversal unsuccessful! Hongkong stock exchange real triple, the government started the battle of vicious spiral! Wednesday, international oil prices fell nearly 7% drag global stock i like air jordan shoes men market. Read 20160120 08:36:52 yesterday Shanghai refers to rebound sharply to retake the 3000 point, fell, a lot of people are afraid, need not to ne
Mens Amare Stoudemire Shoes Blue Black Greened to liquidate, and in the Ashare market to usher in a rebound in two consecutive trading days, part of the investment mind and ignite the fire i love jordan nubuck men of hope, short positions are worried, Mancang have confused as to whether need to liquidate? Actually, shortterm fluctuations, the pros and cons of 3000 points you may wish to calm in the face of prev 3000 points below will not stay too long. Reading 20160119 08:47:03 yesterday, the market breakdown of i love cheap jordans wholesale baby after appear rebound, 2844 points to become the second child of the new deal after the second baby bottom! But the turnover shrinking, the technology is not the bottom feature! See the news today, can be good Pan Chen, Reuters news last night and the SFC rushed is rumor scraper, the Commission said in a news release: Reuters published I will resign as chairman of the steel of a message inconsistent with the facts. Chairman of the Commission then at the volcano. In addition, the reading 20160118 08:49:43 weekend the focus of the market concentrated in the Commission Chairman steel in 2016 national securities and futures supervision work conference speech, although the speech length, but can not find discount kids air jordan shoes can summon the shortterm market and favorable basis. Following the first ed the speech essence: amp; July 2014, China’s stock market appeared a round too fast rising prices, June 12, to 2015, the Shanghai i like lebron james 2014 Composite Index rose 15.2%, deep. Read 20160115 08:45:36 golden light is easily the word hunters, or market pessimism, or technology has to
Amare Stoudemire Shoes Wholesale build a form at the bottom! But on Wednesday night yesterday, first explicitly put forward to prepare hunters, because was 6, RSI oversold, yesterday’s stock refers to the opening of the morning after the 9 day RSI also oversold, the oversold is severely oversold, of course was trying to break 2850 points and the
Charles Barkley Shoes Wholesale formation of Shadie discount lebron james website panic, make to the 14RSI below 20, the but a hundred years is difficult to have the opportunity and mean. Read